Wednesday, August 31, 2005

allez Springboks...

"give it to me baby...aah ha aah ha..."

all weekend long i have been crooning these lyrics. and guess what?? i wasn't the only one. Gordon also sang the very same lines and Anne too was humming the tune when she landed. yeah, coincidences...what are the chances of 3 different people singing the same song, especially when one lives in Trou aux Biches, the other in Flic n Flac and the last one was on a plane from Germany? sweet, huh??

well sweet is pretty much the word that sums up this weekend. it all started with Gordon having to drop Bruce and pick up Anne at the airport on Saturday (Bruce at 7 in the morning and Anne at 10 at night which finally switched to 10 am the next day). so i decided to go along with Gordon to go pick up our favorite German gal. so the idea here was for me to meet him at Port Louis at noon and grab lunch at Big Mac. so i got up and did some house work (to be more precise, the dishes and laundry) before i left (cause I am bezin, ;) , a good boy who helps with the house chores). well, i had to wait at the fucking bus stop for like 45 minutes before i finally managed to catch a bus. so i got to Port Louis around 12:30 (only half n hour late). by this time the rendezvous point had changed to Keg & Marlin since the ‘Springboks’ were kicking some ‘All Blacks’ ass and we simply had to be there to witness the spectacle. what happened instead is history and is available in the old sports archives of all news broadcasters, so i won’t mention it. all i will say is that
in a turning point in history, for a change the South Africans are going to be cheering for the Australians this weekend.

after the game we headed towards Flic n Flac. it turned out that Phillip and Analise were on the beach, so we headed in their direction once we got to Flic n Flac (this was after Gordon told the guy from whom he was getting his new truck to shove the truck up his ass since the 99’ model turned out to be a 95’ instead). so Phillip’s shark story and a few beers later we got back to Gordon’s place and grabbed some shut-eye. dinner turned out to be a bit of a problem. every damn place that we got to turned out to be jam packed with people in waiting (this reminded me of Ahmedabad on weekends). after a quick bite at the first place that could feed us we headed towards Buddha. yep, i had already called the new German guys i met at the uni and also the Italian and his pals. so then it was happy hour for all of us till like 12 or 1…
note: this Indian can hold his beer and there’s a big South African to prove this.

well let me fast forward through next day morning and the ride to the airport and the subsequent 1 hour wait (yes Anne’s flight finally landed at 10:55) and the ride back, and through the afternoon on the beach with the Germans and Anne and Gordon and the eventful evening and the not so eventful Buddha beach get-together with more beer and flaming sambuka’s and Uma’s return to the island. Monday morning saw Gordon leaving for work at 6 and then i had to leave to get back to Trou aux Biches at 8…
‘sigh’... :(
…it’s back to university and early morning classes and more assignments. Anne’s leaving for Cape Town this Saturday for a week so that’s more bad news (her parents gave her money to go to any place other than Mauritius). then Gordon leaves in two weeks to go to Tanzania and bush meat and Ebola and Marburg.

so then i shall stop here for the moment. i still got a shit load of assignment work to do if i have any chance of partying this weekend. catch ya all later. keep commenting.


Monday, August 15, 2005

University of Madness...

university started today and man it was wierd to be back. quite frankly the only thing that really got to me was the million new faces around on the first day and that kind of swept away the known faces. still i managed to run into quite a few of our pals (i.e. the boyz). the back-to-school news is that this semester i won't be doing my normal modules with my friends (to be more specific with my B.S.c Eco classmates). siven, fano, hansen, rocko and others are all following seperate classes. so it's me, rishi and ben sticking it out together through the trauma of having to attend University of Mauritius classes. we do have ONE common module though. so the entire focus of the week falls to tuesday. this year we have most of our lectures scheduled in the new engineering tower that is at the outskirts of the univeristy campus. that means that we get new and bigger classroom (now that our class has been reduced to like 15 students) with a fabulous view of Cort de Guard (did i spell it right? if not then just know that it is the flat mountain near QB) and the sugarcane fields. quite unwanted, since we all were pretty much happy with our lecture theaters in the old academic complex that had bigger windows with the cafe in sight.
also, the new government has finally prooven that they are going to fulfill all the pre-election promises. they have begun implementing on the free transport for students and senior citizens plan. so from the 1st of Sept all University of Mauritius students (and other students as well throughout mauritius) need not pay any money to get to the uni (or their school) and back home. hurray. though one thing does nag me. how on earth is the government going to generate and afford the Rs 600 Million per year cost of this "free transport" without any functional economic sector ? any ideas? i guess that these guys in mauritius are going to need all the ideas that we can give them.
so coming back to today, i guess that the only major highlight that is worth mentioning is that i got to eat the dholl puri's from the guy who comes out near James's shop. he is no doubt my favourite dholl puri guy in all of mauritius. and i guess that it does help that i am a regular customer. so of course i get preferential treatment (i.e. extra stuffing in my dholl puris...mmm).

all right then, i have to get going. have a bit of reading that needs to be done for the classes tomorrow. gotta be ready. i am in the third year now.
i will try and update my blog regularly. just keep in touch folks. it is a real pleasure reading all your comments.

ps: gordon are you dead? i tried calling you on saturday. just know that i have not dissappeared like some people tend to do. i am very much here. the last week i spent staying at home getting used to being home and reading. see ya around bru.

and yeah mitty, have fun in australia...give andy a big slap on the back from me. get wasted in the land down under and make sweet love to the kangaroos and koalas.
;D (don't forget the pictures).