Wednesday, April 20, 2005

sir nachi and the trojan virus...

hah!! one thing is for sure, if bill gates had to pay even a dollar to each person for every time that windows managed to make life hell for the pc users, he would be broke by now. that's a fact and we all know it (though for an ignoramus like me gordon had to point it out). some times this whole thing about computers drives me nuts...but then i am quite certain that most of you already think that i am nuts. :D
after battling for about 4 hours the dreaded windows XP and an innocent virus called trojan-spy, that fucked up my internet connection for almost 4 days, i am all ready to crash into my bed. but, like the nice guy that i am, i thought that it would be kindda nice of me to just wish you all good night before i go...
see ya all later...
night. ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

now family's always important...but check them cousins'...5 hot babes and 1 handsom guy...luv you all and miss you guys.

allez mitty allez!!!

bangladeshi jihad!!! (a.k.a mauritian muslim)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

just can't have enough of chelsea...

seems quite incredible, but then that's life, and hey, i'm certainly not has it's up's and down's...chelsea's surging forward towards it's first Champions League title and my english is deteriorating and going the mauritian way...aughh!!
well, apart from all of this drama that occupies the center stage in my life there's a lot going on off-stage too...for starters let me not forget to mention that the exams are just around the corner, and true to the incredible University of Mauritius style, they have managed to give us a time-table that screams the word FUCK YOU right from the first to the last exam's dates...but hey, all i want to say is "let's get done with it...i want to move on to the third year"...
now that i finally have managed to catch up with most of the blogging exploits of my friends, i would highly recommend that you read gordon's blog and then go back to mine to a particular post that i put up say around 2 months back titled fading his comments for that little post and than go back and read his latest post...all i gotta say is ha ha ha ha!!! life sure has its share of irony...and sometimes it can be awfully funny...good work, my poetic bru (though the words are not your own i do assign property rights to you). but don't worry bru, your gonna be just fine and life is going to work out just fine, trust me. ;D
apart from that, listen up folks...the blogging madness has caught up with our 'schlong-girl' anne too...yesssss!!! anne has a blog...go check it out on www.froeschle.blogspot .com (we all love you anne) and as for you nafiz, quit complaining, and go get a bloody bangladeshi fallu's easy to sit back and read what everyone else has to write. jump onto the bandwagon.
now then, i must say that i have definitely been disappointed with my german buddies. though tiomo is the sole exception and i do manage to catch mitty online from time to time. no-longer-a-rasta and sir hubsi have become elusive characters and this pains me a lot...after all one does love to hear from one's dearest friends. i just hope that you guys are having fun this semester back home? though it's not going anywhere near to being comparable to the time in mauritius...tiomo, i'm sure that giving it some more time will do the trick. by the way, it's great to know that you are back to partying and having bbq's on the roof of your new apartment. also good luck with your neighbor. hope she's a sizzling german gal. go work your cute charm brother!! (hello to marcus and mandy)
all right then, that's all from me for tonight...catch ya all later...gotta go and watch the big game.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ray of light


hubsi, joel, heath and me