Monday, August 18, 2014


wake up.

'tis no time to be dream-chasing,
a life less ordinary is awaiting.

take what ye can.
this be the first and last time,
ere regrets be all left behind.

life cometh in measures unequal;
balance be the only hard thing to find.
between the dark and light,
'tis shadows that child-like frolic.

...come play.

Friday, May 03, 2013

here and there...

time was never mine to keep.
but long was the night, so they say.
when grasping at fleeting wisps, 
in remembrance of memories old; 
i awaken from a slumber deep.

i'd gladly tell what i've seen;
of visions beyond dreams 'n mæres.
but tongue-tied, 'tis eyes that speak;
questioning where i've been.

"here". you whisper.

Monday, February 04, 2013

jugni. my firefly...

on moonless nights such as these,
i reminiscence of a memory old;
to when the dark was both, friend and foe.

for she awaited by the river steps,
restless feet caressing the mossy stone.
and lost in darkness, my ravaged heart;
't was but led by a distant light.

by the river we lived a million lives,
before the dawn stole the dark.
and underneath a shroud of morn mist,
we lovers kissed, to lives apart.

't was on that night, i remember,
you led me to my love.
O' jugni. my firefly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the rat race...

no matter how fast they run, they just don't seem to be going anywhere.

one of the little joys of having to travel a long distance to get to work is the time that suddenly becomes available to you to do nothing but fret, introspect, observe and day-dream. and once you start seeing the many nameless faces traveling alongside; you see how each face that stares back at you believes it is passing you by, just as you believe you're leaving them behind. 

its a rat race. truly.

and come tomorrow, here we are still - each one of us - scurrying along to our own individual victories in our daily battles.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the buddha of love...

wet to the bone, 
out in the cold rain alone;
this the price for friendship be?

eternal hours of longing, 
for one look of the awaited;
days of scorn forgotten in an instant.

o' wordless beast,
vilified mangy cur;
Buddha of love are thee.


call them mute. but their actions speak louder than all our words put together. irrespective of the duration & distance of the parting; all is forgiven in an instant and the joy of meeting the human companion - even a momentary one - breaks through in waves of ecstasy. there is no better teacher of unconditional love than a dog. 

i miss the dog who used to sleep outside my doorstep.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

toe saves the day...

The remote too far out of reach,
Mind's being fed a MTV meal;
O' laziness! Woe be me.

To the rescue comes the toe,
Stretched across the great divide;
The machine now controlled, not I. 


In memory of the Deepak Nagar apartment and lazy college summers. 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

halcyon days...

its fragrance borne by the gentle breeze,
a summon to the one gone years past.
the fire of youth now tempered steel,
and still, all it takes is one sip.

feral by nature this malaise,
the only succor be to give in.
drunk on memories of days past,
men turn to impetuous beings.

adventures relived and tales retold,
by the warm hearth of friends old.
sipping on the wines of summer,
adorned by the flowers of spring.

our halcyon days these be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

curious Saad...

I finally get to see the sun on the morning that I am leaving. Baroda sure has its way of teasing people. Going back to the grand reunion of the quartet from college; we sorely missed the Mallu thunder, Sumi. No one yelled at us for being obnoxious, mean and total pigs! 

And oh, this is what we found over the course of one incredibly curious night, when we decided to let the internet answer the one question that Saad really wanted the answer to. He may not know whether he shall get his Visa before his semester starts, but he was willing to die to know this.

In other things, that darn spooky ghost particle of a fellow is claiming to have taken the lead in the blogger smackdown that he has initiated against me. Such tall claims need to be dealt with strictly and promptly.

So boo ya!  ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

boys will be boys...

what happens when a bunch of ol' farts get together to relive college days?

the woman says, "dammit".
the dad says, "not again".
the sister says,"oh God".
the mother says, "have fun".