Friday, May 03, 2013

here and there...

time was never mine to keep.
but long was the night, so they say.
when grasping at fleeting wisps, 
in remembrance of memories old; 
i awaken from a slumber deep.

i'd gladly tell what i've seen;
of visions beyond dreams 'n mæres.
but tongue-tied, 'tis eyes that speak;
questioning where i've been.

"here". you whisper.

Monday, February 04, 2013

jugni. my firefly...

on moonless nights such as these,
i reminiscence of a memory old;
to when the dark was both, friend and foe.

for she awaited by the river steps,
restless feet caressing the mossy stone.
and lost in darkness, my ravaged heart;
't was but led by a distant light.

by the river we lived a million lives,
before the dawn stole the dark.
and underneath a shroud of morn mist,
we lovers kissed, to lives apart.

't was on that night, i remember,
you led me to my love.
O' jugni. my firefly.