Friday, August 28, 2009

Gods in Stone...

well folks, this is a guest post for the one and only Mehreen (aka. Warm Sunshine). it's been a while in happening, and i thank my lazy habits for that. but here it is nevertheless. and oh! yeah, the guest post is up on my blog as well, once again thanks to my laziness that prevents me from coming up with something separate for this space...


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walking over the grass, turning it into a path,

miles traveled by the exhausted feet.

for a promise was made to the spirits of a journey

at the end of which await the Gods in stone.

time-traveled over generations,

the journey in me still remains

and one day it makes me walk the same path

to come pray to the Gods in stone

a vague poesy is my prayer

discarded just like that.

some words i said to the stone

never said back.

treading back

along the same old path,

the lament in me now poured out.

my eyes see things a bit clearer.

i traveled all the miles,

only to ask things of a stone.

so chide me for being so blind my lord

for i wanted you to mend my broken desires.

foolish that i was, but no more shall be

laying along the path, by the Gods in stone

i've been taught to see.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

the story of a lie and the truth...


a little lie once was told.
wrapped in a smile & clad in plain white
nothing too fancy to behold,
it was just a little lie.

the plain truth once was said
slithering silently through the dark veiled eyes
a venomous spite, fraught with dread,
it was just the plain truth.


the little lie if unraveled
becomes the venomous bitter truth,
and entombs the poisoned heart forever.

bringing a cheer instead of a mournful cry
keeping the dark veil of truth at bay,
is the innocuous little lie. the moral of the story is?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

walking amongst clouds...


the old stone, damp underneath the feet
wrapped in moss, slippery to say the least.
i walk with careful strides with eyes set ahead
the many garish sights before me pass unnoticed.

and then i stop.

i see the misty haze waiting across the street
now i must walk amongst the clouds laying ahead.
slipping through my fingers they embrace your warm body
and caressing your raven hair rest upon your long eyelashes.

i wish i could touch them.