Saturday, July 25, 2009

for what its worth...

self reliant student Morphing into a mushroom devious COFFEE Vadapav History rolling not-a-somnambulist MUSIC Foodie Lover MIXED FRUIT JAM Paani Puris money foolish BOOKS smoke Kinetic SON running master cat FRIEND spontaneous COUCH POTATO rational Cricket gossip JESTER brother shutterbug secretive HOLIDAYS actor Writer SLEEP Guitar single vodka Cold rambling CONSCIENCE academic Wanderer JOYFUL crying BAD HAIR DAY djembe beats Movie Buff FLIRT casual Rajma-Chawal odd assimilating rains Blogger CURIOUS spiritual Poet cake chocolate Beaches hiking OPTIMIST reserved blue T-SHIRTS ice cream Classic Rock pacifist EXTROVERT cigarettes Jack Daniels traveller MSU jumpy Physics loud EASY duct tape Teacher candles Dogs unforgiving Trains angry SURPRISED justified Neat ordered Quirky shorts ECONOMICS liberal Over Smart CRAZY suave etc...



while lazing around at the English department...

...go on. end of post. scram!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the monkey and the cloud!

"tut tut!! little monkey!"

dangling from the branch
reaching for what is but mine,
do you know that it might snap?

the moon shining in the lake below
is not for you to have, crave and desire.
she is not even real. just a reflection.

you shall but fall & drown!


"tut tut!! stupid cloud!"

you think that floating up above
right next to the moon i love,
she is yours to have and keep?

you only obstruct her, conceal her
with you she can never really shine.
float away with the wind cloud.

I won't be going anywhere! who do you think got the moon? :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

once again. insanity!

Fine Arts Annual Display 06' ~ Sukriti's works

...क्यों रे पागलपन, किधर था तू इतने दिन?

तुझे किधर-किधर नही ढूंडा मैंने।

बड़ा बत्मीज़
हो गया है तू...,
masquerading little daily puzzle;

24 pieces it says on the box.

some lost. most found.

its never a complete picture.

i finally see with my own eyes,

i missed you. you fool!

...रात भर जागे-सोए,

ईंह: आधे अरमानों को पुरे करने को देखे
कुछ सपने

दिन को सोए-जागे,

मेरे आधे सपनों को कुछ पुरे करने के थे अरमान...

...i wake up & go back to sleep.

you sure torment me!

crazy insanity...

Fine Arts Annual Display 06' ~ Sukriti's works