Thursday, January 29, 2009

A 'lot of things' in the Hat! not just the Cat...

"Thursdays can be normal days" do the normal stuff. go to college, meet up with a bunch or friends, have a little birthday celebration for one of them, then make your way to the school and finally end up making the my little terrorist kids read 'Cat in the Hat' and then play tag and 'antakshari' with them...

Abdul (Grade 2)

Zoysha (Grade 2)


...this happens only in India! the one stop medical store...from medicine to 'get well soon' cards to got is all here. hell!! i bet, if i walked in and asked they would also be in the business of providing me with a life/medical insurance cover and/or funeral services. but i dare not...


...also, only in India (heavy dose of sarcasm here. today was also my sarcastic best of the week so far). where you have an educational institution as important as a school advertising itself not on its academic credentials but instead on its ability to incorporate (read as hire) a young talent show winner to come be a part of its Annual day function. what ever happened to the days when it was all about the team work and efforts put in by the students and the teachers, together, in a celebration of the wonderful days that were spent in the school over the course of the year?? today its all about attracting the star talent and marketing the ability of the school to do so. so what that back in our days we had lavishly planned and elaborately worked out 'small but more personal' Annual School Days. no money, no talent show winner, no Annual simple as that! in short, we sucked!

i couldn't but help notice, my sense of humor tickled gently, the irony of life. here you have a huge hoarding advertising the youth, the children...and then right below, you have an equal signboard cautioning the aged, the retired...time sure has flown rapidly between the two spaces.


...anyways, if ever there was a happy life, Cat has it! just look at him. aww, my baby boy! rest, we are all subject to the pun called 'life'...

...Thursday's are good days! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


...sometimes i like to walk. on such days, i simply take off! time, people, places matter not. nothing else matters. all that matters is that i am walking.

...the mind is an amazing thing. mind games are better. sometimes it takes forever and then there is the 4 move blitzkrieg. the joy of having won a hard fought battle is unparalleled. 32 pieces, 64 squares. your move! is a fickle human emotion. the fur ball does not adhere to it. he has his own quotient of love. life can be strenuous (just look at Chinky) can life in general!

...but its a fun journey nevertheless. so hit the road! :)



if only the clock on the wall but only kept time,

the hands for most were but mine.

mechanically ticking away the moments

not realizing that when the bell chimed

i would awaken.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Machiavelli's morality, my guilt...

"Yes We Can!"

...if there is one thing that is for sure, it is that Obama sells!! but i guess that he is not the only one...

So this is what the buyers say and ask us to believe in, "Modi for PM?"

"No We Can't!"


...but i guess that there are times when the lesser of the evils has to be chosen. i may not be a staunch fan of Modi and i do completely abhor his route to power in attaining the Gujarat Chief Minister-ship; but i also do realize the immense money and economic stability that he has brought to the State. he may have risen like an apocalyptic angel straight from hell, dusting off the ashes of the thousands slaughtered in the Gujarat riots in displaying his shining wings, but so did Mao, Stalin and the entire 'New World'...

...a Machiavellian choice i have made... for me Modi is, and will remain, a supported political figure in Gujarat in the absence of any other realistic alternative. but my conscience judges against elevating him to the same at a national level. we do not need a butcher's efficiency in running our country. we need a leader's vision.

...and if no one can provide that for us, we will each do so ourselves. and that is something that i am willing to believe in, cause...

"Yes We Can!"

Friday, January 16, 2009

...its celebration time folks!!!

...ok ok ok!!! its party time people...

"Whoopie!! Yippieeeeyay!! Hurrah!!"

4 years its been since i first decided to pen my thoughts down on this blog. 4 years since i decided to create a tiny niche and space where i could reminiscence about 'a little thing called life!!' life in my words...and tomorrow i rip off the last page on the 4th calendar and usher in a new one (this is what it looks like).

Happy 4th Birthday to bloggy!! :)

...ahem, well the Phoenix beer is only for me! Cheers!


ok, i was dumb and stupid and a jerk enough to forget. but i just remembered (only 5 days late this time around sweetheart)!! i know i am a bad bad bad blogger. but i love you blog! and i would have none other than you...serious.

*the 'brown puppy eyes' wala look!*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the story of a son and a father...

right now the only emotion engulfing my entire being is that of intense anger and despair! i wish that things were different. how i wish that there was a better way of going about with life. how i wish that father and son were more alike in thought. how i wish for so many things...

but this is the life i lead and this is the father i love. he drives me to the wall and makes me scream out in despair at the constant virulent pessimism and the hobnob principles and hypocritical ideals and 'social' rules he lives by and tries to enforce upon me as well. he makes me want to throw up in anger and disgust at his inability to appreciate life for what it is worth and his blindness to all beauty within the filth that we exist in.

he lives in a world that is 'black and white'. i survive in a pallet of vivacious colors.

i hurt, i feel and i despair! still more than all of this ,i love! i love him for who he is. yes, there are a million things that i would change about him. but then, he would not be the man that he is. he would not be the father that he is. and yet, for most of the time, i am angry and hurting...

"life, i tell you!!"

...i guess its all a matter of perspective. we are both right where we stand. we both have the same habit of never backing down for what we believe to be right. in many ways 'father and son' are more alike than we would both like to believe. it's the choices that we make in life that are different. what simply differs is the fundamental basics that define the working of our minds. for we cannot think alike. never!


the anger shall pass. the love will remain. we both know that.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

band baja and gaana shaana...

time for a bit of
तड़का (tadka) of मीर्च (chilly) and मसाला (masala) to life!!


if there is one thing that we boys (I, Saady and Chinky) are good at, then it most definitely has to be 'being loony' at the very top of the long long list...

"we have our many fixations and vexations. especially so when we are tickled in our funny bone."

...So, anyways, can't wait for Dev D to release this month. have been awaiting the damn movie since forever. the disease spread from Saddy's Mumbai dreams phase (they made him do push ups and he called it interning at a Production Studio). anyways, have been tripping on this song for sometime now. its like an anthem for us these days! sorry Curt Cobain, but Patna Presleys are the flavor of the month...

* *

enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the flame that illuminates the path...

the last couple of days have been something of the 'rolling down the grassy hill' sorts. suddenly life has been engulfed in a rapid momentum. a dance of creativity, knowledge, friendship, work and intense satisfaction to the current state of my soul.

"the illuminated and fiery flame dance!"


the sun triplets of night!

the technological fireflies' flight to the sun triplets!

...things can be at times out of place and out of time. so can be our existence. a specific journey towards the ever elusive 'Zion', is our entire life. from dusk till dawn. a traveler who walks many paths at the same time...i wish i was born a century ago.


...but here i am! and this is where i shall leave my mark! i utter many words during the course of the day. i once said, "we all live in a time and in a world where we are encouraged to stage and exhibit the basest of our habits and where seemingly nothing matters, and yet everything is at stake; and we have the capacity within us to walk this stage as the Colossus of our times."


i have my own path that must i tread on, and it is full of potholes and mountains.
walking it leads me towards what end destination i myself know nothing of.
every unstoppable force will one day meet an immovable object and
re-define the Celestial Laws of physics.
until that day, i cannot stop.
i will not.


ps: have updated the photo blog. i have been on a sojourn with my camera of late...see for yourself what i have seen!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

this year's cookbook...

"if you cook, i like you!"

...and not just figuratively and in a gastronomical sense, but quite literally. after all, who you are as a person shows through what you cook for a meal. our sense of cooking and palate of taste is unique to us each. you can't cook what i cook best the way i do, and i can't imitate my mother's recipe for her Rajma-Chaval (although i hold that it has lost its essence and flavor ever since mom decided to go the 'no-garlic-no-onion' way).

i like to experiment. i like to play around with flavors and spices as i indulge myself in the sensual gamult of smell and sight and taste and feel and intution when i cook, the same way i indulge in them in my daily life. one spice at a time, added at the right time when cooking. one step at a time, made in the right direction in life...

this coming year, life is going to be thrown in the chef's wok. the special ingredient, "the fiery and passionate chilly".


"Happy New Year, folks!"