Friday, November 24, 2006

am back...AM MAURITIUS!!


so i gobbled dholl puris, downed a can of Phoenix, went and slept on the grass at the Uni, played with RP & saw the most amazing sunset while i walked barefoot on the beach...
and only 24 hours have gone by yet!!
...i love this island. :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 weeks...from today...

it’s finally done. i got my it nary planned and i shall have my tickets in my hand in 2 days time, and from there on, if everything just goes on according to plan (ok...even if everything just goes on as usual and nothing new and unexpected happens) i shall be flying over the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean in 2 weeks time on my way to the island.
Mauritius here i come!! :)

well, now that i am certain that i am actually going, the very thought of being back on the island seems to have sent my entire thought process into a spin...till date i fail to understand how in the world i managed to survive for 3 years on that island?? i was so eager to leave and i am quite enjoying my time out here in India...but still, i miss my 'second home' so much. somewhere along the course of 3 years, amidst all the fun times and shitty times & through the upheavals in my life, in between Ramgoolam's election as the PM and the walks along the beach with my dad, somewhere somehow the island managed to sneak into my heart. you know how it is!

anyways, i am sure going to be reliving the good ol' memories of yonder days and raise a toast to them!! Buddha Beach Bar at Flic n Flac, Kenzi, Tamarin Falls, Mont Choisy, Reduit, QB, Saxo, Grand Bay, PL, Steers...and all that!!

...and of course PHOENIX follows me everywhere i go...

*update: well i just had to do this. Gordon's gift to me, and now my gift to you all. enjoy!!*

Saturday, November 04, 2006

feels like a hangover...

i usually have a pretty effective means of dealing with problems/issues that affect me.
"i close my eyes and go to sleep"
knowing that i shall be able to tackle them with more vigor thanks to a rested and rational mind when i wake up. it sure is a rare occasion when i have lost sleep over some problem, but last night sleep eluded me. i stayed up half the night worrying and being annoyed; the other half was spent being annoyed and contemplating. all-in-all, the wee hours of dawn saw me quite a bit disappointed over certain matters.

...and now i feel like shit!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

alternative identity...

most of us manage to go through life without any identity, and living in India only makes this fact obvious to me. it is so easy to get lost in the vastness of this country and the culture of the billion Indians who wake up each day to a life that is in many ways changing and yet unchanged. the countless hordes of man allow for the complete engulfing of the individual identity, and this is what is referred to as Karma. we are bound by our fate. the same fate, for some, dictates the world to be at their feet and for others complete anonymity...

and what is the identity of the anonymous?

...but then, it is the same fate that entrusts upon us a particular responsibility that comes from our unique talents, one that we sometimes refer to as our "calling". it comes to us in mysterious ways and once it has given us a glimpse of itself, we become powerless puppets who are constantly lured by the enchantments of our "calling". that is the reason why Clark Kent was Superman, Peter Parker turned into Spidey, Bruce Wayne became Batman and the reason why i doubt my sister (i.e. Noella) to be the evil HB. similarly we all have our share of hidden powers, but they are suppressed beneath the mask of our hidden alternate identity. and my hidden (or henceforth revealed) identity is Ramabhai!!

...(keep reading for more on the Ramabhai saga)