Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shady R humor. the ancient Dodo style...

humor saves!

...funny comes in all shades, sizes and flavors. i plan in setting up a walk across 'Baskin-Robbins' types shop when it comes to wanting a good laugh (considering that i see no reason why i can't make some money out of it) and i take more than equal pride in my little bunch of dodos displaying similar characteristics. it is never too early to have a funny bone...

Shady R - Before

the first of the new generation of Dodos, Shady R is the nonchalant types; an eclectic force matured over the course of the past 2 years, she has finally begun to display the traits that i have been dying to see in my niece...

a sweet as sugar, made with butter and baked in chocolate darling who walks and talks funny!

...come time she shall be a force to reckon with.


a typical example of Shady R humor during family TV moments (only for those initiated in Indian movies)

the SHOLAY setting: the rocky outcrop of the Chambals. the deathly silence shattered by scrapping sound of a belt lined with bullets dragging across the rock and the evil laugh of a bunch of dacoits. Thakur tied up to a beam and Gabbar holding a naked sword in his hands and smirking.

Thakur - Before

Gabbar: yeh haath mujhe de de Thakur!



Shady R:
(walking to the TV screen with out-streached hands) "le loh haath!


**update : and now this is what they both look like...

Thakur - After

Shady R - After


when the going gets tough & your survival is at risk, the ancient Dodo hath said, say "Squak!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the storyteller's indulgence and prize...

...i have a bug infecting me.

i am a storyteller. and every good storyteller is always on the look out for another storyteller. and the best place to find them stories is in books.

for as long as i remember, i have had the habit of scavenging and foraging through the dusty and musty piles of papers stacked in old decrepit book shops and "pasti walla's". i love the damp smell of an old book, the pages half eaten by Lepisma saccharina (a.k.a silverfish) despite the terrible vengeance wrecked upon me by my sinuses. for only five minutes spent in such a shop with such books i have to put up with constant sneezing for the next hour or so. still, it is worth the spit and the tickle. cause sometimes you come across such gems...

picked up this old old copy of the Arabian Nights today. i wonder why in the world people get rid off such classics. i love the book and the super fabulous illustrations by A.E. Jackson. this is one prized addition to my collection.

...i am happy! la di la di laaaaa... :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

fellow thief!...

some dreams are like...

a lifetime spent walking in the shoes of someone else.
uncomfortable, unlike the ones you left behind
at some doorstep a long long time ago,
for someone else to find & walk in.

a small gift, maybe perhaps it is
from one thief to another.

to be stolen discreetly
& never returned.
fellow thief

...who stole mine? and whose dreams have i stolen?



some random pictures from my walks around the MSU

i sure am going to miss walking around the MSU campus. after all, life has been kind here.

Monday, April 06, 2009

the lost land of never-more...

there is a thing about being in an induced transcendental frame of mind. see the colors play riot as the music fuses the nerve endings of the brain cells, numbing some, hyper activating others; as the cornea dilates to the point that the misty opiates are no longer of any particular shade; the intoxication of the mind is completed amidst the chaos that erupts within.

...seems like ages since I've been to the land of the colors. to the timeless expanses of nothingness. the flow of the vital liquid in the body merging with the flow of the violent passions that stir the waters to create ripples that spasm the soul. the rush to go nowhere. be there. for the moment. forever. the vague poesy haunting till it becomes a cheering light. the liberation. the revolution. not for one short hour. neither for a fleeting minute. never to be the elusive second. supposedly the non-existent moment but for the inescapable reality of it's throes...

color me. engulf me. imprison me. illuminate me. shelter me. embrace me.

tonight i set my dreams on fire.

i am but for thee.