Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the river song...


...ऐ साहील, तुझे क्या जानू मैं

पाना तुझे बस मेरी चाहः
ईसी चाहः का गुलाम, मैं अंजान,
एक कश्ती पर निकल पड़ा ।

क्या जानू सफर करना माही में ।
ऊम्र बीती मेरी इस कश्ती में, लहरों पर बहते हुऐ
तुझसे कोसो दूर

सिर्फ़ ख़यालो में देखा, तुझे क्या जानू मैं,
ब़स मैं जानू तुझ बिन जिना ।

साहिल तुझे क्या जानू मैं ...


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...O' river bank, what do i know of thee.

all i know is of my desire to reach thee.
the slave of this desire, in my ignorance

i took off in a little boat.

what do i know of journeying in the river.
i have spent a lifetime in this boat, riding along the waves

a million miles away from you.

having only seen you in my dreams, i know nothing of thee

all i know is to live without you.

O' river bank, what do i know of thee...

(...English translation of the same)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09.09.09 ...'s like a deadline.

i had promised myself that i would shrug off the 'lazy-feeling' and put something up today. after all how often do we get 09/09/09 ...hehehehe...i remember my 06/06/06 post (link here)!!

well in complete contradiction, a reverse flip if one may, today was nothing like that day. i did not wake up with a cleaning bug stuck in my a**, there was no rain, didn't fight with anyone over the Batman v/s Superman supremacy issues...instead i merely sat at home for a few hours after dragging myself out of bed. then went got me some tea and ran into friends at masi's. sat down with them and chatted for an hour on dangerous driving. got home, worked, got kidnapped and went all the way to the highway for some more chai, gobbled paani-puris on my way back (my abductors refused to keep me for any longer), got home and then fell asleep again...Newton's Law too seemed too lazy to apply itself on a flat object like me today.

and now, here i am typing away meeting deadlines imposed by a mere date on the calender.

such is life. it is good.


...the mandatory picture of the post. a little something from my latest wanderings...


ps: went to Mumbai recently & craziness ensued...i am going to write a journal-types post on the whackyness of my days in that town...someday. soon. i hope.