Sunday, December 27, 2009

the clown inside of people's heads... are an absence. you are a vacuum. what celestial rules govern you, i know not clown...

...but i do know that you have a way of filling the spaces inside the head. the quaint ticking of the clock, the gentle reverberating purr of the cat, the warm incense tainted air inside the room, the humming of the fan. they all seem be your pranks to empty the mind of it's thoughts under your comically morose influence. turning the likable nothingness and metamorphosing it into an invisible vortex. you are an insatiable pestilence. consuming everything from the inside out. devouring my thoughts.

the best thing to do is to feed you. do not mistake my generosity with giving up, i simply mean to stuff that hungry face of yours with everything i've got and hope that in doing so i might just choke you. you greedy bastard. make you gasp for air, turn purple and then roll over and die. so eat all you can. consume all the thoughts, the good and the bad. everything from the deepest recesses of my mind. eat till you can eat no more. and then die...

...i shall never run out of thoughts!


ps: came across this old picture from the mime days of Silent Call...the rest, as always is a rant against the seemingly insurmountable wall/block/clown/lazy bum inside of my head that prevents me from blogging more often.

in any case, have a fabulous New Year folks!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

sibling differences...

...siblings at times tend to be different. so are my sister and i
. it's quite obvious in fact.

...i love my hair! i think that they are the wickedest wildest messiest bonding of Keratine polymers shooting straight out of my brain. and they are growing longer and wilder. just like my thoughts...

...when it comes to my hair, they prefer to come undone no matter what i do to them. but that is how i like it! i am incorrigible!!



Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the Great November gig...

Wow!! November flew away. and that too pretty fast...

tread carefully have we, upon the path unknown.

for who knew what awaited the turn
something good, was all we hoped
but unknown it was to us once.

..."wish you were here, my soulful November"


ps: images from the month await you all at the photoblog. so please go check them out!