Saturday, March 25, 2006

aye mates, anyone feel like a bit of rum with a pirate tonight?

well today i got poked in the eye by a girl. now that sure was something that i don't think that i would let pass so easily on a regular basis. but today was an exception. :)
so tomorrow's the 26th and its Sallu's (Saloni's) birthday. i really have no idea how to catch hold of you girl. the last i heard, you were off to Mumbai and working at the place where movie stars get their hair done. so i guess that you are doing fine. but in any case if you do read my blog then just know that i wish you a very happy birthday and that i miss ya. take care and try not getting into too much trouble (well, at least not until i get back to accompany you in your crazy antics). you know how it of the rules of life: Sallu and trouble go hand in glove! so here's a shout out to the birthday gal!!
anyways, going back to my ‘eye poke’ today; i think that i might need an eye-patch & as for the aggrevator, nice going Garg. poking somebody in the eye is not the normal way of saying "hi, what's up?". next time i might not stop my punch from landing on that tiny nose. so watch out!! and Yash, you desperately need to get a better pick up line. i don't know what you are using at the moment, but the way Anousha reacted today, i sure know that it’s not working right.

ps: i got your mail today Rasty (i still prefer calling you a rasta despite your dread loss), i was actually beginning to wonder if you had received my mail. in any case here's a shout out to you as well my brother, albeit bit belated but still sincere nevertheless...

ha ha.. i miss ya all (the big reason behind my jovial mood today is the one week extension for my first draft that i have just been notified about). :D

Saturday, March 11, 2006

hamara Bharat, ekdum jhakaas country...kya??

what is the National animal of India?

as far as a Bengali is concerned there can be only one animal royal enough to be designated such a title. hence it was no wonder that even Dr Das with the PhD and all other degrees under his belt came up with the unanimous Bengali answer...
"the royal Bengal tiger"

...hah!! wrong dad!! sorry, i know that it is on the tiger that we have so many folklores written and it was tigers that Jim Corbett loved the most. the man eaters of Kumaon killed around 1300 people before Corbett shot them (the Champawat tiger alone is supposed ot have killed 434 people). tiger hunting on elephant backs was the favorite sport of the Raj (Indian kings hunted tigers and had pet cheetahs a long time before the firangees came to India). even the 'jungle book' has a Sher Khan. and yes, the royal Bengal tigers are truly majestic. a fully grown male from the Sunderbans with his golden orange coat, baring his fangs and roaring the aaonh (the full throated sound that tigers make during the mating season) is a blood curling and yet majestic display of strength and beauty.

so much for the tiger obsession that seems to have gripped me. anyways, the right answer to my question is the Gir Lion. the king of beasts rules here as well. though i have no doubt who would rule the forest between a lion and a royal Bengal tiger. too bad that they never cross each other's paths in the wild. one lives in the mangrove forests of the Sunderban delta while the other walks the arid and thorny forests of Gir.
in other news, i have a deadline for my dissertation's first draft. it needs to be submitted on the 27th of this month and i have finally begun typing my work. not that i have been slacking, but you all know how it do your research and reading, you form your ideas and you have it all done up there in your puny brain. but putting it all into words and sentences on a piece of paper is the hardest part. i just wish that all my sudden moments of inspiration last a bit longer (and that they come at more convenient times as well. having a sudden 'eureka' moment while walking through Port Louis is not conducive for my paper). at this point in time i just need to finish my work...they say i work better under pressure and deadlines. i sure hope that they are right. ;)
oh yeah, this monday the President of India, Dr. A P J Kalam Azad is going to visit the University of Mauritius and most likely give a lecture. sweet.
the Rays Club just had its MegaShow this past Thursday. you all know what that means...Havish modelling and Vishnu dancing. Steevie was playing along with his band as usual. the only thing that wasn't quite right was that Fano was noticably absent. this dissertation thing is taking its toll on us all.
well guys, so much for now. i have to get back to my dissertation. Gordy, it sure seems like you had a great time in Europe. but for now, welcome back to Africa. Heathcoat, damn you look fine missy. God, i miss you so so so much. i need my head scratched, you know.. :D
ps: the Chikungunia virus has been plaguing the island for a while now. just one bite from an infected mosquito and you end up with a severe body ache that spreads to your joints and renders you paralysed with pain. the next step is high fever and pretty soon you are in intensive care. the government is doing all it can to fight the outbreak. it has gone as far as advertising on national television and proclaiming the Chikungunia virus carrying mosquito the public enemy #1. :D

ah!! life the Mauritius style...
aur rahi baat Hindustan desh mein kuch to baat hai bahi. kisine thik hi kaha hai, "saare jahan se achha, hindustan hamara".