Wednesday, May 23, 2007

homewards bound...

the great journey back home begins tonight. it's been over five years since i've last been to my village...its been a lot longer than that since i've travelled this extensively in my own country...but it all begins tonight! :)

i might not be able to access the internet as often as i may like to. India still needs to develope a bit more before they implement internet accessibility in the trains that ply across this vast nation (are you hearing, Mr. Laloo??). a 3 day journey in the train in the summer, traveling the normal sleeper class...that should be fun! well, i have my reading material and my pad. so the one thing that i am assured of is that i shall finally be able to finish the books that i've been wanting to read for a while now and also that there are very good chances of me being able to complete a bit of my own writing.

anyways, before i take your leave do note that i happened to chance across my script for the Kafka Seminar that i was a part's up on my other blog (Experimental Soup). for all those interested, just follow my links to the Soup Bowl! this way, you shall have something to read while i'm gone.

until later then...right now i need to go meet up with a few people before i leave town.


Monday, May 21, 2007

feeling blue...

बादलों की गहेरायी में सोचे क्या हजूर ? ऊंचे ऊंचे चहरे है ज़मीन से कितने दूरआहें भरती है यह ठंडी हवा, अब ऐसे रंगी राहो में हम को क्या हुआ ?

(what is it that you think in the depths of the clouds? such lofty faces and sights are so far above the ground. the cool breeze breathes a sigh, and i wonder what has happened to me while walking on this colourful path?)


also, today the big South African bully turns a year older... jeez bru, you are getting old! (30 as of today, right?) ;) anyways, here's a big shoutout to you from the mystic land full of gorgeous women, India...

(here you go..i also put your picture in)


have a great day today and also a wonderful year ahead of you. get out of Africa and go visit some place more civilized (albeit less beautiful)! but before that, go drown yourself in beer and burn some meat like in the lovely old days on the island...

miss ya!

ps: Whoa! that you new car?? awesome ride!! guess we should go hit White Castle Burgers in this baby...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

of MRIs and sales girls...


so waking up early in the morning and taking Anudidi to the hospital wasn't as boring as i had presumed. its one thing to have to bear the atrocities of the Indian Medical System that requires making the patient wait and then scaring the shit outta them (like they did to poor ol' Anu) with the initial diagnosis...and completely another to have to sit in the MRI room with a loon!!


me sitting there as only a nice kid would. messing around with my cell phone to kill time, when suddenly the man sitting next to me sticks his finger into the 'leg-tag' of my jeans and asks, "is this a pocket?"

whoa! no buddy. it's not a pocket and you most definitely don't have to fiddle with it! but who ever cares about all this, eh? the next thing i know, he's tugging at it and asking, "doesn't it fall off?"

"NO! it does not fall off. at least its not supposed to, but if you continue tugging then it most certainy will rip off. "

still, he doesn't seem to get the idea that i am not quite enjoying being fashion-man-handled by him. even when I move to a DIFFERENT seat in ANOTHER room (thank God that finally they called my sister in for the MRI and so i could leave). but pretty soon he too walks in and once again, (plop!) sits next to me...

this time around his conversation topic was, "यह phone चालू नही हो रहामुझे number लगा कर दे !" (my cell does not seem to work, dial the number for me). What the Fuck??? what did you just say??? ahh, well let me take a look. oh! you need to unlock your keypad (i do it for him), now make as many calls as you like!!

by now i am ready to run back home and cry mommy!!
as for my sister, damn it, she should have been more worried about her broken back and her MRI, but no, even she was having fun at my expense. that is until the man turned to her and made her his next victim.

"so why are you here?"
"broke your back?"
"how did it happen? had an accident?"

"fell off your scooter?" .
..his final conclusion...
"girls these days drive too fast!"

wow!! modern day Sherlock Holmes!! now even didi was ready to bolt back home... :)

anyways, the only way that we managed to escape his clutches was to rush through the MRI and literally run back to the car. and now that i sit back in the comfort of my 'sheltered' home, i wonder what is it about me that seems to attract all such loons??

*sigh* and the poor old lady at the hospital thought that i was the patient who needed a brain scan!!


so, as if that wasn't enough in walked the sales girl to make my life perfect with her 'product'.

mid-afternoon the doorbell rings. i half dread that it must be the pesky neighbour kid wanting me to go reboot his PC for him (someone just tell him i'm not a software technician and neither do i know shit about computers. i only know enough to ensure that mine does not crash). so i hesitatingly tip-toe up to the door and open...just a little bit, good enough to see who it is and slam it back if it is the kid. whew! not the kid. a girl in fact. actually a cute chick!! ;)

me: *opening the door wider* yes?

SG (sales girl): hello!

me: *big smile* hello!

SG: can i come in?

me: and why?

SG: well i have a new product that your sister or any female member of your household might like to try.

me: i'm so sorry, but there's no one home except for me. too bad, eh?

SG: not really. even you can check out the product. ever heard of XYZ company?

me: nope. and i am most certainly sure that i don't want to try your new product. look, i'm in the middle of something and i can't spare time right now.

SG: *giving me the ultimate seductive look* come on, you most certainly use face washes. it won't hurt to take a look. you don't have to buy anything. just try it once.

me: look dear, we are not going any where with this. i don't want your product and i am perfectly happy with my current face wash. so there. i don't think we have to go through the trials.

SG: ok. as you please. thanks anyways.

me: sorry for that, but i really don't need any product.

SG: too bad, eh? (i like it. she's smart enough to use my own words. nice)

me: yeah, too bad!

*door shut*

in retrospect...damn!! i should have let her in and see where things went from there. for all i know, there was a pretty decent chance of some fun there. or maybe my mind's just brainwashed with too much porn!!