Sunday, March 29, 2009

yes, i too romanticize life...



कदमों की आहट से

जाने छायी यह क्या मेह्कशि,

हम चल दिए इस माशूक दिल के एक इशारे पर।

धुप से गुज़रते हुए, सन्नाटों
के आँचल में लिपटे

शाम ढलते पहुंचे आपके मयखाने पर।


enthralled by the faint sound of someone's footsteps

wonder what sort of intoxication takes it's hold on me,

i walk onwards, led by the mere indication of this smitten heart,

through the harsh sun, wrapped in the veil of a heavy silence.

come evening i find myself at the doorsteps of your मयखाना (pub/place of intoxication).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the tryst of the nomad...

all night long conversations with old friends...unwrapping the promises of the past 3 years and gift wrapping promises for the coming many. an early morning breakfast at the favorite breakfast joint. one more memory tucked away neatly. from the small fifteen minutes of the boisterous evening at the chai walla to the long hour at the hitherto unknown temple. sitting. staring. playing with those beautiful eyes. listening to the birds. walking back in time.

wandering the by lanes of nostalgia and watching the sights of old, hold on to the last vestiges of the chasm of my memory, fighting for one last remembrance.

a small victory. a faint smile. an old story remembered and retold. of swings and blossoms in the spring to the noisy quailing of the children in the summer heat. the mirth of old laughter arousing new laughter. and then the quaint touch of those delicate hands that reminds that it is time to go.
back to the crowd. back to the books. back to the present. back to wherever it is along with her...for the moment.

"the tryst of a nomad
is not with time or distance nor companion.
cause just walking in small steps in any direction
all will lead to someplace new."

Monday, March 23, 2009

virtue never worked for me either...

...but i tried! i really did. and my failure to be virtuous even gave me guilt pangs. instead i choose to forget the basics. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Guilty!" your honor...

PS: Beware! Read and Forget post! (a.k.a situational rant)


my dearest friend A said...

"well, i know i was the one who always shared and told you everything. you never shared anything about yourself" of the accusations most often levied on my unabashedly laconic soul is the one above. i have been charged, tried and proven guilty and punished also many-a-times for this crime. but i am unrepentant.

its like reading a book. you flip through the pages, read the words. look up the meaning of the ones you do not know in the dictionary. you carry on and eventually you finish the book. you understand what was written in the pages. sometimes you take the help of others, scholars, who explain to you what the words mean. cause sometimes words can have two meanings, or even more. you can Google it up as well. but the one thing that you can't do is to read the thoughts of the writer. you can't feel the exact same emotion that the writer undergoes while penning down the words. what the writer is, that is the sacred domain of the writer. similarly, my innermost thoughts are my own.

...i am an extrovert. i am a traveler. i am a talker. i am a listener. i am a storyteller. i am a friend. i am a best friend. i am a brother. i am a son. i am the cat's daddy. i am a teacher. i am a student. i am a stranger. i am an acquaintance. i am a beer-buddy. i am a partner-in-crime. i am the one you love. i am the one you hate. i am a lot of things. and i never deny any of them. i always leave behind a trail of words for you to read. juicy tidbits if you may...

but what are my innermost thoughts about myself are only for me to figure out and know. you should know that your not knowing who i am is not going to change my relation or my response to you. it is my choice to remain aloof. you are free to try and decipher me, figure me out, understand me or simply judge me if you must. i most definitely won't talk about myself and indulge you, there are enough people in this world to do that for you. accusing me of not sharing my thoughts and 'opening up' is not going to get anyone anywhere. all you shall ever get is a smile. and then one more story of what happened one day... anyone want to hear a fun story? it's a good one i tell ya!



PPS: all right! rant over. now if you want the honest truth; its simply that to me you are more interesting & hence I'd rather talk about you. so go figure!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

so when am i going to post again???...

for more pics go to the photoblog

...any answers to this question folks? cause i seem to be doing a terrible job when it comes to looking for 'the' answer...