Wednesday, August 15, 2012

curious Saad...

I finally get to see the sun on the morning that I am leaving. Baroda sure has its way of teasing people. Going back to the grand reunion of the quartet from college; we sorely missed the Mallu thunder, Sumi. No one yelled at us for being obnoxious, mean and total pigs! 

And oh, this is what we found over the course of one incredibly curious night, when we decided to let the internet answer the one question that Saad really wanted the answer to. He may not know whether he shall get his Visa before his semester starts, but he was willing to die to know this.

In other things, that darn spooky ghost particle of a fellow is claiming to have taken the lead in the blogger smackdown that he has initiated against me. Such tall claims need to be dealt with strictly and promptly.

So boo ya!  ;)