Monday, October 31, 2005

and (ouch) i was a gentleman (ouch)...

well guys, we went out hiking this Saturday. yep, the entire class of Eco & Finanace and Economics, year 3... who would have expected my class mates to be so cool...but now the official verdict is out.
these guys sure know how to have a good time, only that they don't do it all the time.
will tell ya a more about it later...right now i gotta go to crash...have to be at the Uni tomorrow and have to get up at 6:00 am to feed the cat (the spoilt bastard). just know that we went to down the Maccahbee trail and that i ended up carrying over 5o kgs in my backpack during the entire 3 n 1/2 hour trek...why?? a long story saved for later...let's just say i did what a true gentleman would, and now my entire body hurts (especially my legs).

so screw being nice to others. but i can't help it. ;)

more for later.

ps: tomorrow's the Diwali Show at the University and we guys are having a small Sambuka & Green Island you all know what i am really looking forward to...cheers
thanks to the makers of ibuporfen (alkem laboratories ltd)... :D


Gordon van den Heever said...


Now that's what I call pure stupidty. I think it might have something to do with kissing ass/at least trying to kiss ass of some indian lady.....Ai, you'll never learn! Catch you on the weekend.


Nachi said...

kiss my ass's only because of people like me that chivalry is not dead...
see ya later bru.

Nachi said...

i am not sucking up to any woman...i simply carried the extra bags that one of the gals in my class was carrying on the hike...dumb lass kept falling and holding up the entire group...
so i offered to carry her stuff in order for us to be able to go ahead. :D

aha, so people are dreaming about me...guess i do the same (if only i could somehow remember it the next day).