Sunday, November 20, 2005

sunday morning blues...

its Sunday morning and my life seems to be stuck in a dimensional wrap. it’s suspended in space with sudden moments or surges of activity and then it goes back to a morbid state. couldn't get my ass out of bed before 10:45 despite being awake since 7:00 and once i was up, i couldn't stand the mess that the house was in. seems as if i can't stand most things about my life at this moment. i still have to work on the Econometrics assignment that i have to submit tomorrow and after that i still have the Mauritian Economy and Accounting assignments to do before Wednesday. and my exams are looming just around the corner.

my dissertation supervisor is Prof. Nath, one of the senior most staff member of our faculty and also an Indian with a very heavy accent (is it just me, or do i see something in common). and to my greatest advantage (note the sarcasm and grief) he knows my dad personally and he believes in self-motivation and is away most of the time on seminars and conferences. so it seems like i shall have to work on my dissertation all by myself in the next semester and can't even take the risk of goofing up, cause my dad's sure to get a call reporting him of my misdeeds if i do so. couldn't ask for anything more, could i? but it could have been worse; i could have had some incompetent Mauritian tutor as my supervisor (all right, i have to admit that not all Mauritian lecturers are bad. Dr Sobhee and Dr Anchraz are a much welcome break, but then there are some terrible teachers also. and no one can deny that). :D

so today i cleaned the entire house. cleaning includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the rooms, folding the laundry, picking up the cat litter and making my father and sister work. phew, now that was tiring. but you have to know that I JUST CAN'T STAND A DIRTY HOUSE... it drives me nuts. guess that i get this from my mother's share of my genes. the X chromosome in me is a cleanliness freak. thank god that it surfaces only once in a week. the rest of the days i am simply too tired to complain. anyways, the house is clean and i am satisfied.

i can't but help noticing that living with my father and sister is like having 3 kids in the house (the third one being myself). we are all moody and like having things our way. we all argue a lot and we all throw tantrums. last night dad got mad at Noella for not heating up the chapattis before dinner (i have to mention that i did point out a few other things that Noella had not done during the day to help him get super mad at her). now the funny thing was that no one wanted to eat chapattis last night!! then today i was the yeller in the house telling everyone to stay away from me while i cleaned and even ended up grounding dad in his room for walking around the house while i mopped. Noella's wild and unpredictable in her own manner and no one can beat her at being a slouch. Jesus, we area a crazy lot. no wonder you packed that bag and left mom. the only decent fellow in the house is the cat and that too only while he's asleep. otherwise he is the devil's master plan for chaos and destruction.

so its been raining since morning and the sun just came out (its like 3:30 pm right now) though i guess that even this is going to last for only a few minutes. but i kindda like this weather as it is a welcome break from the heat wave that has lasted for the last couple of days. hurricane season is here and they are expecting one around the end of this month. at least that's what i heard, but then we all know how much to trust the weather man. (where are you Eike??)

as for the last couple of weeks...they haven't been really special. the usual University and studies have taken up much of the day. but i did manage to watch 7 seasons of Friends on DVD and 1 season of Joey. still have 2 more DVD's of Friends, but am trying to resist watching them before my exams.
i really don't have much to say at the moment and so i am going to stop here. i have been missing you folks real bad ....wonder what's up with my dearest kitten, Heather?? where are you and what are you doing? and Nafiz dada, get well soon.

take care you all...


Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Bru,

I guess it's getting to the end of short, but busy year, Christmas is around the corner, you really starting to miss the love one's and work doesn't seem to dry up. Just remember that you are not alone. Life will get better soon, I hope....Miss you and have fun.


Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Hey kitten,
sorry I have been really terrible with the blogging lately... I will try to blog maybe at the end of this week. Right now I have a visitor staying at my house though, and I don't have much time for blogging as a result. I'm doing really well though; it's a happy time for little ol' me. I'll have lots of news for ya when I do have some time to write... so stay tuned! Anyway, I'm sorry that your life is feeling so slow lately; don't worry though, it will pick up soon. I could only laugh reading about your crazy family holed up in your little apartment... Say hi to Dr. Das and Noella for me! Miss you lots Nachi kitten. When are you going to come visit me?

Anne said...

Oh Nachi, I wish I could help you cleaning the house... afterwards a Phoenix. How does that sound?
Have an awesome summer and take good care of yourself.
Miss ya