Saturday, March 25, 2006

aye mates, anyone feel like a bit of rum with a pirate tonight?

well today i got poked in the eye by a girl. now that sure was something that i don't think that i would let pass so easily on a regular basis. but today was an exception. :)
so tomorrow's the 26th and its Sallu's (Saloni's) birthday. i really have no idea how to catch hold of you girl. the last i heard, you were off to Mumbai and working at the place where movie stars get their hair done. so i guess that you are doing fine. but in any case if you do read my blog then just know that i wish you a very happy birthday and that i miss ya. take care and try not getting into too much trouble (well, at least not until i get back to accompany you in your crazy antics). you know how it of the rules of life: Sallu and trouble go hand in glove! so here's a shout out to the birthday gal!!
anyways, going back to my ‘eye poke’ today; i think that i might need an eye-patch & as for the aggrevator, nice going Garg. poking somebody in the eye is not the normal way of saying "hi, what's up?". next time i might not stop my punch from landing on that tiny nose. so watch out!! and Yash, you desperately need to get a better pick up line. i don't know what you are using at the moment, but the way Anousha reacted today, i sure know that it’s not working right.

ps: i got your mail today Rasty (i still prefer calling you a rasta despite your dread loss), i was actually beginning to wonder if you had received my mail. in any case here's a shout out to you as well my brother, albeit bit belated but still sincere nevertheless...

ha ha.. i miss ya all (the big reason behind my jovial mood today is the one week extension for my first draft that i have just been notified about). :D


Oh_Ca-na-da said...

haha I have no sympathy for people with sunburns!
Glad to hear you're doing well Nachi; keep up the good work (at least I assume that you're doing some good work over there)...
Miss you as always.

Nachi said...

well to put everyone's fears to rest once and for all...yes, i am working (don't know how good it is, deciding that is the job of my supervisor. but i'm feeling pretty good about it).

and i really don't know what a sunburn feels like..ha ha..never before have i been so grateful for having a darker hue to my skin. saves me from all pain and the hating.

miss ya...really do.


Anne said...

What a cool design, and soooo good hearing something from you! Miss you Nachi! Take care and prepare for Winter in Mauritius ... Hehe


Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey bru,

I guess there is a lot of poking going on lately in Mauritius.....

Just poke back the right gender.


PS: Actually there is no real winter in Mauritius. That is why it is such a great island or country. Might be colder then summer, but it is really not cold. Enjoy brother