Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cyber Cafe musings...and "Badalta Jism"

"never wanna see the sun go down..."

haha, that's the track playing in the background as i sit here in a cyber cafe and type out this post on a Sunday morning (actually this is one of those rare Sunday's when i am still in Baroda and not down in Ahmedabad listening to people who are concerned over my direction in life give me lectures on good living while i live life the way i always do) i am in Baroda, but that does not mean that i give up on my fun. call it luck or maybe just my natural flair of making friends really fast, caue i already got me a great bunch of fellas who are equally up to the task of having shit load of fun, if not more.

so work is happening finally, i still don't have a permanent hostel room. the room that i have at SJ Hall really doesn't count since it is way far away from the college and i have only been there once (that too for not more than 5 minutes). on paper that room belongs solely to your's truly, but in true Indian style i already got me 5 roommates. so that's 6 guys in a room meant for just 3...
not that i mind, but they are all a bunch of sissy Gujjus, who chew tobaccoo all day and consequently have really stained teeth (gasp)!! i still hang out with my Tibetian/Nepali/Saudi/Keralite/Haryanvi pals at TKG Hall and am desperately hoping that i finally get my own room by Monday evening (that's what the warden promised)!!

apart form that, Navratri has just begun. and that means 9 days of dancing garba and raas late into the night...though i missed out on the party last night thanks to (a) no passes to any of the garba venues and (b) lack of traditional attire without which we would be shooed out of any garba. so instead of dancing late into the night, Jerry, Bhaskar, Amrit, the Jat and me decided to go watch a movie instead. we made our way across the MS University campus towards Natraj (a really old movie theater that even my dad remebers visiting during his college days here in Baroda). the journey included jumping over closed gates and climbing walls, but finally we made it in time to catch the last show of 'Slither' dubbed in English movies dubbed in Hindi are always an assured laugh riot. if not due of the bad translation then definitely thanks to the terribly innovative titles that usually make even the most sane movies appear as wierd B-grade we watched Slither or better put "Badalta Jism"...bad choice...terrible movie...
the only good part about the entire movie was Jerry whistling everytime the blob like alien creature gobbled up humans. we want to watch "Saap Machaye Dhoom" (aka Snakes on a Plane) next. ;)

well apart from that, i really haven't got much to say. no one even tried ragging me in college or even at the hostel. kindda pissed at that, cause i really was looking forward to that. but i have done my share of pulling the legs of quite a few folks, including my seniors... :D

also, am gonna take up this job at this MNC based BPO a job offer from ICICI-Prudential but they are trying to impose too many conditions. and this new BPO offer looks kindda good. so let's see...i got plenty of time on my hands here after my classes. so i guess that it would be wise to put it to some money making use. also, am intrested in doing a sort of internship or a part-time thing with a NGO/Social-Community work based Organisation. have spoken with a few in my faculty who are involved in such work. so anyone, who knows anyone who needs someone like me, you know whom to hire.

all right then, me gotta get going now...have to work on cutting down on my ciggarette really has gone up since i moved to Baroda. i assume that the best way to do that is to buy myself a hookah!! :)

until later my dear readers...

PS: going to Ahmedabad on Wednesday...its then that i crank up my Navratri fever and indulge in late night dandiys-raas!!


Anonymous said...

He's back!

Hey missed you! but sad news her - Ro didn't get a callback from IIM A so that's out for us.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ...dada since when u start smoking far as i remember i heard a load of crappy lectures from u about da bad side of smoking whenever i smoked in front of u.don u think u should practise what u preach ? whatever nice to know u r doing great out there.if possible shoot me uor contact number cell or land.i will call u up sometimes...hav fun bro..fiz


"buy myself a hookah"..Hiih..Get it n u would not want to move into a new room!! :) Dandiya....I know how much I sucked at tht..attempted it a couple of years ago in Mumbai n my partner was a kiddo who may be 15 years younger than I, not to mention his height..even then he was a pro n i was sucking at it big time..Have fun man!!!!! :) :)

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey bru,

Tried to comment yesterday, but his fucking african internet is just like Indian businessmen. Always negotiating!

Anyway, seems like you tagged up with all your native buddies to do some dumpster climbing to end up at an old flick joint. I remebered a gal once who digged dumpsters during incredible tropical storm and yanks who couldn't get enough of old Irish farts.

Anyway buddy, good to see you are still alive and well and wish you all the best for finding your own joint. There's no place like ones own bed.

Ciao bru