Friday, January 19, 2007

literature and Sartre...

"what do we write? for whom do we write? and why do we write in the first place? also, what in the name of God is literature?"
such questions are incessantly popping into my mind since the last few days...and i know whom to blame...reading Sartre does that to me.

...Jean-Paul Sartre raises questions; and i can't but help raise my brow in doubt!


susanne said...

First and foremost I write for me myself - it's a reflection of all things that happen to me.
I need that reflection for a better understanding of the way I am going in my life.
I always try having a overview - and usually it gets clearer and clearer while I am writing...
I appreciate that.

Ghost Particle said...

writing is telling what we were meant to tell. What we think we should do, what we hope others will do.


We dont write, we scribble --- We write, oops scribble for others and ourself---We write to wakeup----
Litrature is something literates can explain, as I consider myself illetrate, I have no answers for this question----

Next question please? ! :) :)

Hey man....:):) How ya doing?

Nachi said...

Susanne: writing always helps me appreciate my surroundngs much you said; it brings about a sense of clarity!

btw; lovely pics on your new blog!! love it!! ;)

Ghost: yes, we think!

Scribblez: hey!! am doing real good. and i sure missed reading your blog durng my hibernation days...i definitely put myself on the illiterate boat as well when i see the vast amount of literature that man has managed to conjure up...

...also, doing a presentation on this book in the coming month..hence the questions..