Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the Big bang and the damn heat...

there is heat. and then there is HEAT! summers can be 'so not fun' when the mercury begins to touch 45° Celsius plus on a regular basis. and they say that the 50° plus week is yet to come!!



well, the highlight of the last couple of days has been the time spent with my ol' pals. Sal and Ronak and I, the drunken three, the demented trio, the crazy fun gang, the ones who go on long drives cause there is nothing better to do and the pals who sit at home with a bottle of whisky/vodka and talk about all things under the sun till the sun actually pops out and reminds us that we once again missed out on a decent night's sleep and now must face the usual daily tasks of work and house with a sleepy brain. and the best part has been that, bloody over 6 years of being friends and best friends and it is only now that we are all sitting our arses down and actually talking. not saying shit and being the loudmouths who blare out humor in it's crudest form, but actually talking. words exchanged about ourselves, our dreams, our lives. words that are giving us all a new and unseen perspective to each other and the meaning of friendship. words that have brought about the realisation that we are all fallible. that we have all been through hurt. that we have all made sacrifices that to us each have been very significant. that we all have managed to find ways to overcome our hurdles on our own. that we are all very similar despite our differences. and that our friendship has finally come to a stage where it is not requisite to any demands except for respect for each other.

there are to be no judgements, only the understanding that friendship transcends all such barriers. all that we need is a few bottles of booze and bloody lots and lots of hours to chat and catch up before we each walk our different paths the next day.


have been reading a bit of the intense stuff of late. sitting at home hiding from the sun's heat i have picked upon the traditional texts that come with being an Indian. was reading a synopsis and Sanskrit-English translation of the Mandukaupanishad (मन्दुकौपनिषद) the other day. it is one of the 110 Upanishads that form the central basis of the scriptures of ancient India. a simple collection of 12 verses that explain the universe and its functioning. a generic guide to a way of living that lays emphasis not upon religion, but upon something philosophically and spiritually higher and argues its motives with the help of simple logic and 1+1=2 mathematics. anyways, what really caught my eye was this particular segment of the Mandukaupanishad (more particularly the 5th and 6th verses) that deal with the question of a creator God and the question of what is reality?

when we talk about a creator God, we are talking about the creation of this world and everything else by the hand of this creator who is inherently assigned the attributes of perfection considering the fact that God exists before anything and is a perfect being that has no creator or destructor. on the other hand, every object of energy movement and creation requires a certain motive behind it. the cause. the reason. without this cause, there can be to effect. without hunger man would never have needed food. cause and effect. the basic principles of physics. so why would a perfect being who by definition of perfection is beyond any requirements and hence any causes, create a world as such unless such a perfect being actually needed it. God needed this world, and God created it. the creator God cannot be perfect, since he/she has needs.

and since only perfection = God but since Creator God = needs and by basic postulates perfection ≠ needs, Creator God ≠ perfect and hence the entire equation breaks down and questions the very existence of God.

the Upanishads argue that what does exist is energy. a perpetually flowing and moving energy that through its motion has created this universe and everything else (remember high school science, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form into another. or in cruder language, the Big Bang, e=mc2). this energy is the brahman. the supreme consciousness. the source of all. the end of all. and (aum) is the sound of this energy. the cosmic sound that permeates everything.

traditional Indian wisdom at its scientific best. we are rediscovering today what was told to us millenniums ago.

there is further more to this, but i need to go back to the text myself first in order to grasp it fully. but rest assured, there is enough to keep my curioisty bug itching and questioning for a long time to come.


rhythm fadia said...

interesting to know your understanding of mandukyaupanishad....anyways these scriptures sure are intriguing ,fascinating and catch my interest too...getting inspired by u i too will get up and read something amongst so many books at home....

Ghost Particle said...

thank you for the lesson master.

well well well... good ol' causality and god breaks down. but god itself created causality. the 'faces' of the cosmic coin. in the end there is god, at the beginning there was god in the form of energy.

specifically quanta's of energy = packets of energy, means energy doesnt flow unbreakable, its just that the gap of the quanta is too small. in between the gap, what shall we find? :)

good to see you again my brother, its been long, ive killed myself a few times, but am back now. :)