Monday, August 04, 2008

the strangest superheros...

"why indeed?"

the late night shenanigans of have begun once again of late. the type of random banter that establishes our trademark insane sanity. Saddy & Nachi. the last of the lot of superheros, battling it out to save the world (better than Hancock in all regards)...

what's worse is the realization that the 'T-Kaz' and the 'Whine-Star' might just possibly outlive us and our jokes. can't kill em' ourselves. love em' too much even to see a bee buzz around their noses, we do. hence, the best alternative in that scenario is that we make it quick and end our misery and our little joke between the two of us as soon as possible. or else it's going to be the greatest Joke played on the two jokers that we are.

life is good. the bulls**t is better!

nope, i am not drunk. not tonight. not any night. neither is Saddy. stupid frack does not drink. but a good week passed without any serious 'crap-digging' is as good as having saved the world twice over each day! cause left to us, life would never be so serious and there would be humor to play at all day long. and not everyone get's humor.

...there will be a few laughs this coming week for sure. the cards have been dealt out, the joke's been parlayed. all that remains is for the laughs to follow...

so until the next time that the world needs saving. Adios Amigos!



Ghost Particle said...

bro...forever means forever, no. there will always be the damsel in distress. just beware of the fake ones.

I feel for joker, he jst managed to create a world so real to us, and yet, the superhero will walk away laughing instead. cruel instanities, they should make a comic for only the bad guy triumphs. But didnt he?

So superhero sady and nachi... what say u?

Keshi said...

** and not everyone get's humor.

I so agree :)