Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the river song...


...ऐ साहील, तुझे क्या जानू मैं

पाना तुझे बस मेरी चाहः
ईसी चाहः का गुलाम, मैं अंजान,
एक कश्ती पर निकल पड़ा ।

क्या जानू सफर करना माही में ।
ऊम्र बीती मेरी इस कश्ती में, लहरों पर बहते हुऐ
तुझसे कोसो दूर

सिर्फ़ ख़यालो में देखा, तुझे क्या जानू मैं,
ब़स मैं जानू तुझ बिन जिना ।

साहिल तुझे क्या जानू मैं ...


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...O' river bank, what do i know of thee.

all i know is of my desire to reach thee.
the slave of this desire, in my ignorance

i took off in a little boat.

what do i know of journeying in the river.
i have spent a lifetime in this boat, riding along the waves

a million miles away from you.

having only seen you in my dreams, i know nothing of thee

all i know is to live without you.

O' river bank, what do i know of thee...

(...English translation of the same)


Rush said...

good one...u took me on a beautiful boatride there!!

rhythm fadia said...

hey shubhs..which template is this???i want a template which will increase the width of the suggest

Simply Poet said... have an awesome collection of poems do check out,a place where poets/writers interact,comment,critique and learn from each would provide a larger audience to your blog!!