Tuesday, November 15, 2011

caged words...

to decipher the written word,
was e'er a foolhardy quest.
but wisdom, once freely whispered,
now languishes in paper cages.

and thus man tamed the beast.


the written word has come a long way indeed. but was there ever a word to pen down the 'true' nature of man? i think not.


Kishley said...

lol.. Who has yet been able to identify the 'true' nature of man anyways? :P
My take -
Wisdom will find another foolhardy pen in rebellion! :D :D

Nachi said...

Kishley: look who's back??? so how's life treating ya?

going back to the post, well i say let wisdom seek its new muse to lead the rebellion. :)

ashok said...

well written!

Nachi said...

ashok: thanks mate.