Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hubsi, joel, heath and me


Mitty said...

Same for me! Where is a picture of Mithy ;-)
Just kidding. Hi Nachi, how are you doing? Didn't have the time to talk to you for quite some time. What is going on down there on Mauritius?
Our new semester started 3 weeks ago and it seems as if we'll have a lot of work :)
Take care,

fiz said...

whats wrong with dis blog..seems someone censored my comment..fuck

Gordon van den Heever said...


I wonder who really wants their pics posted on this blog,'cause he doesn't fucking care to update it anyway. Whatever, site seeing and very old pics of Kenzi, bru, the place fucking changed. Get some new shit on here! Fiz, don't worry. This little indian is under control. He thinks that because I'm loosing weight that he will be able to take me on. Never!!! It takes a army of indians to kick my ass. Why do I even bother.

Cheers, keep it posting!