Wednesday, April 20, 2005

sir nachi and the trojan virus...

hah!! one thing is for sure, if bill gates had to pay even a dollar to each person for every time that windows managed to make life hell for the pc users, he would be broke by now. that's a fact and we all know it (though for an ignoramus like me gordon had to point it out). some times this whole thing about computers drives me nuts...but then i am quite certain that most of you already think that i am nuts. :D
after battling for about 4 hours the dreaded windows XP and an innocent virus called trojan-spy, that fucked up my internet connection for almost 4 days, i am all ready to crash into my bed. but, like the nice guy that i am, i thought that it would be kindda nice of me to just wish you all good night before i go...
see ya all later...
night. ;)


Anne said...

Hey buddy, that has nothing to do with your post, BUT: Happy happy birthday my friend. Am not quite sure, when your birthday exactely is, but anyways, am thinking of you and hope you had a good party. Miss you and your hookah! :-)
Kisses from Germany

Rasty said...

Hey little indian brother,

how r u doin? Sorry for being that lame and not wirtting mails!
I hope you keep on having good, funny party on the ile.
Anyway... i miss you all.

enjoy your time

Greetings from boring germany