Monday, January 02, 2006

"Don't try and describe the shade of green, just say it's GREEN"...

hey ya all!! well i know that it’s been kindda dull and empty on the blogging circuit without me, but then it takes a lot of time to come up with a lot of partying. ;D

but first let me start with saying that 2005 is gone... :'( *sigh* ... man it was a good year and i am sure going to miss the year that in a lot of ways defined a lot of things in my life. for example, i have just come to realize that no matter where i go, a part of me is always going to be Mauritian. 3 years down, and now i have begun calling this place my second home. God i have fallen in my own 'Patriotic Indian' eyes, but kya kare is jagah ki baat hi kuch nirali hai. ek baar aadat pad gayi to zindagi bharki lat lag jati hai. :D

life has given me a lot in 2005. some things that i am going to cherish as good memories, some things that i am going to try and forget ASAP and a lot of things that i wish to relive all over again. i guess that the most important fact remains that 2005 has shaped my life unlike any other year not just for what it gave to me but also for what it reminded me of...something that i had forgotten for while...
life is good.

we all have our share of grievances that we have to deal with, but we also have an equal if not larger share of the good things that life can give to us. and it is for these very special things that life is so much worth living.

so to all the people who have shaped my life for better and worse (but mostly 'better', the 'worse' part has been shaped at the University of Mauritius) in 2005, i'd simply like to say that i love you all. yes, i am talking about you all...

Heathcoat, 'petite bebe' Gordon, Nafiz dada, Timo, Anne, Uma aka 'Gundi', Tejas, Ronak, Rishi, Fano, Siven, Hubsi, Mitty, Rasty, Wolfy, Kevin, Joel, Yash, Digu, 'Sugarcane cutter' Bruce, Kovida aka 'mom', Dr Sobhee, Prof Nath (you are my supervisor and my lifeline), my sister Noella and my dad (the famous Dr Das) and the silly feline beast i call "Richard Parker"

...the list is definitely not complete and those who feel that they are not being appreciated just need to remember that what really matters is that in my heart (i got a big heart) i appreciate everything that you have done...this list by no means is my final thanks list. that one i shall read out when i get the Oscar or the Grammy or any of the multitudes of other awards. so watch out!! :D

anyways, so this new year's eve i decided that i simply had to go back to Mont Choisy (yeah, just like the last new year's eve). the people weren't the same, but the BBQ and the spot on the beach was just right. i guess that all i really want is that 2006 be as good as 2005. so i guess that going back to the same place where i started last year is my way of being superstitious, and it did bring back a lot of what we call good ol' memories.

this time around it was just me and some of the guys from my dad's college that included Yash, Digu, Jimmyda and a few others. we shopped a day in advance for the big party and ended up with the back of a 4x2 pickup filled with meat and booze and the stuff required for a decent blaze. nice. very nice.

so it turns out that a few drinks down and Yash is a changed man (i guess that a lot of you folks remember that). guess that he has been practicing his communication skills over the course of the year, which he put to admirable use and managed to pick up two babes on the beach (oh yeah, the next day morning he woke me up to ask me if i remembered their names). we also did a victory run around the beach at midnight to usher in the new year. as the night progressed a few of the people on the beach also joined us. most notable a guy named Edu. ha! he was so fucking drunk and we managed to add to his alcohol level to lead to a very amusing scenario which ended with his cousin bundling a yelling and singing Edu in the car. the night just seemed to sway from one situation to the other and finally i found myself and Digu on the beach at 6:00 am with the German Shepherd.

it turned out that after going back to the hostel to join the party out there, the two of us walked back to the beach with more Vodka and the dogs followed us. and then we crashed. i finally woke up to the dogs licking my hands and face. so the very first thing i ended up doing in 2006 was to take Estella and Zulu on a run and swim on the beach. guess that keeping fit is going to be one thing i am sure to be serious about this year. ;)

so i guess that it was a memorable night, but still somehow i couldn't but feel the absence of so many people in my life. being in the same place did bring back the good memories but i forgot that good memories can also hurt. i just miss you all. i miss my friends.

anyways, there's one more year to deal with now and honestly, i am pretty excited about it. don't know what it will bring to me, but i am sure that it’s going to be great. so cheers to a great 2006. may it bring for us all that we have ever wished for. it’s nice to know that from Germany to the US to India to UK to Tanzania to Canada to a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, there are people whom we can rely on and call our friends no matter what. so always remember that.

and yeah one more piece of advice from the Guru...

when trying to describe our thoughts and emotions
don't try and describe the shade of green, just say it's green.
keep it simple and say what your feel, cause trying to assign complicated words to our feelings and thoughts only manages to make the simple facts complicated details.

Happy New Year folks :D


Anne said...

AWESOME! Nachi you make me cry!

Nachi said...

nice hindi lady... i'm both impressed and proud. ;)