Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the Gentleman's game...

Well guess that things on my end have been quite (if not very) low for a while now. The last social interaction with 'non-family' folks that I can remember of, dates back to almost a week ago, and that too being a non-descriptive and quite boring cricket match. though I can't be too critical of that since I have had the good sense to notice that at least I finally got the chance to be involved in a game that involves throwing a ball at a dude with a hitting-stick (i.e. bat) and then making 10 other guys chase the ball all around the park (by the way, Cricket is also referred to as the 'Gentleman's Game'). Still I think that it's better than a gang of big guys beating each other up over a ball and saying that they are playing rugby, the game of men.
Gordon, shut up. i don't care what you say cause you are nothing but a big teddy bear that drinks beer like a sponge absorbs water, builds plants and complains about African politicians. and yeah while I am at it, one more fact...your African love child Griffin is definitely cuter than you.
just remember that for all Indians (more correctly, for all south-east Asians) Cricket is the path to Nirvana and Sachin Tendulkar is God, albeit a bit old now days. still, I stand by the fact that cricket involves no fighting (the worst of this lot is boxing, but the money cancels out the madness. I’d go and get beaten and beat someone up if I was to get a million quid). Argh! The bottom line is that I played cricket and that my team won. But that seems to be the usual way of things as some people might recollect (ki Nafiz dada?? thik bolchi naa?? India's gonna kick some Pakistani ass this month). ;D

So I was stuck at home all this time. Yes, I spent an entire summer simply sitting on my lazy butt 'living it up' on a tropical island. Thankfully New Year's Eve was good. But apart from that my life sucks big time. last Saturday was Uttrayan back home (remember the kite flying festival that I told you of) and my dearest friends back in A’bad had the great urge to remind me that I hadn't flown a kite in 3 years and that I was missing out on all the fun.
Aab jaab mein aapne doston ki baat kar raha hoon to phir let me also remind you all that ...
"peena to kya peena hamare bina. tum ne to sirf doon ghoot piye hai, magar hum to puri bootle utar gaye"
...just wait till I get back you jerks. I have a lot of catching up to do, but promise you all that it’s gonna be fun like always. and yeah, Sallu abhi bhi zindaa hai kya?? aabe koi to saab ki khabar diya karo mujhe.

the big news of the year 2006 is that Heather, my kitten, has become a tigress and finally shrug off her veg-headedness to the supreme delight of Gordy who loves 'goat' food. welcome to the culinary world of meat Heathcoat. but most importantly, now you can eat my famous chicken curry and biryani. hurrah!!!
Amu, I got your card. you have no idea how excited I was to see that small red envelope. and yes, I am being a good boy and eating the leafy-greens and not smoking them. miss you my Gundi. thug world ain't the same without my arch rival.

anyways, I just wanted to blog again...if nothing else then maybe just to remind you all that I love you all and miss you so so so so much.




Oh_Ca-na-da said...

Wow, I certainly have stirred things up with this return to the carnivore deal, haven't I? I had no idea my eating habits were so important to people all over the world...!
But I agree with you, Nach, doing nothing is not fun. If nothing else, you can take comfort in the fact that my life is boring too... I watched the powerpoint that you and Jess made me (before I left) the other day, and it made me so happy and so sad...
Anyway, miss you tons lil keta!

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey bru,

It looks like you want stir it up again.....She'll just need to defend me...If she will prosecute, that will me she'll need to work for the goverment and then that means kak salaries.heheheh Anyway, they will need to lock up everyone in USA, 'cause they all drivin' on the wrong side of the road....You know what I'm sayin' bro?

Anonymous said...

gawd uhaveme laughing my ass off nachi...!i still cant fly kites yes..not even held one this time ;)
just went out for our gujju lunch thali ritual..the food was baaaaddd..and so were the pile ons tagged along by tejas..not one not two but four????can u imagine that??one of them was a uk returened gujju who had a baadd accent..then was the younger brother who seems to have achieved puberty..the sick girlfriend who has a terrible smile sewed on her face and the girlfriends bachpan ki dost..bloody achar stinking behenji..come soon..hope u here atleast by durga puja/navratri next here

Nachi said...

let's be a tad respectful to our heritage. we call it the British Raj. at least we are not trying to get rid of it and avoiding it like the plague (as if it were the sole reason of our existence as a nation). we are proud to have imbibed it in our culture and way of living. or in other words, the British assimilated with us. so let's give em' their due.

this comment is sure gonna get me into trouble, but this one's for you Bru. after all, we don't drive down the wrong lane.

cheers ;D