Monday, May 01, 2006

an entire month in retrospect...

its been a while since i've had to make use of my blogging skills and i feel a bit rusty. i know that it wasn't right of me to ignore my blog for over a month...but even today, time doesn't permit me to be more eloquent.

the past month has seen me come face to face with a lot of issues, and inshallah i've managed to overcome them all. a short synopsis of my life from the 27th of March to the 30th of April would be something like:
  • assignments and tests for over 3 weeks.
  • my cat decided to go on an adventure and went missing for over 3 weeks (i caught sight of him once roaming around with this other black cat in the neighbourhood).
  • computer problems...had to get my hard disk formated. lost a bit of data in the process.
  • my dissertation a constant finally culminated into my worst nightmare with my supervisor grading it an absolute waste in terms of content categorization. apparantly being innovative doesn't work with traditional economists. so now i am working on revising my thesis as per the standard protocol. have applied for an extension.
  • oh yeah, my 21st birthday...a complete of the worst days i've had in the past 3 years in terms of frustration in academics and UoM bureaucracy. it ended with me having an outburst of anger and frustration with my mom over the phone.
  • things are starting to look up a bit in the last 2 came back home pretty bashed up and skinny as in "a bag of bones" supervisor is starting to become a bit more co-operative.
  • exams approaching (they start on the 16th of this month).
  • i have 2 more assignments due next week and i also have to study for my exams and work on my dissertation at the same time.
  • and i need a haircut...badly.
so folks, there you go. in short my life has in the real sense "sucked" for the past month or so...and if i have any inclination of the future then it's not going to get any better in the coming month. my only hope is in making it through with my sanity intact. but looking at things from a better and a more optimistic point, i have only one more month of suffering to endure. and i did manage to make it through to this point. so its no use giving up now.
i have the finish-line in my sight and its now that the true test of endurance and mental strength begins.

so wish me luck.

ps: thanks to all my great pals all around the world who made sure, each in their own special way, that my birthday was a special one. you guys made the difference between a bad day i'd want to forget ASAP and a memorable day that i'd remember always.


Gordon van den Heever said...

Fuck bru,

Just kill that fucking cat. That thing is more a pain in the ass then anything else.....

Yeah, your last month did seem a bit tight. Responsibilities my boy! Anyway, stick around and I will definately make you famous. Another thing...What the fuck is on your baby girl blog? You sick freak. Go back and do what you do best....Run like a girl!

Anyway, hope everything is OK and have fun.


PS: You should have seen your word verification....N'dick'O

Nachi said...

that sick 'baby girl' freak is you my friend...petitebebe!!

anyways, i think that i can handle my responsibilities...but you got one thing right. i'm gonna stick around with ya folks.

later my bru (or should i call you my petite bebe instead??)



Anonymous said...

jhule thak dada jhule thak...r matro one month......dekte dekte chole of luck for da exam.....amar doa ll be with u..(wont make any difference though )cheers.. fiz it is