Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i got no jet leg....

i have been sitting in front of the PC in the Cybercafe for over 5 minutes, wondering where to start. saying that the last 6 days were eventful is an understatement in the perfect dictionary sense. but yes, i have been having a shit load of here we go, just some random insights into my life 'India' ishtyle!!
Mauritius!! ah well, i left that lovely island behind last Thursday and my i did that in some style. Yash had coem along to drop me off at the airport and we even managed to get ourselves a speedig ticket enroute.
just five miles away from the airport, after cruising at 120 kms for the best part of the drive we get booked at the last roundabout before the airport. hah! :)
anyways, i should have taken that as a sign of things to come. cause in true Air Mauritius style they did their best to make sure that the flight back to India was the damn most uncomfortable experience ever. 6 hours and i couldn't take a single wink! the seat was as hard as an execution chair and the food was something that would put the Bollywood marketed burnt roti and watery dal in the Hindustani Jails to shame!! but i had a pretty good time thanks to a chatty guy in the seat next to me (ok, true fact, he actually went and served me water cause the air hostess was too busy to even notice our buzzer buzzing for over 15 mins) and Phoneix!! hell yeah, i stacked up on my Phoenix quota in order to survive the flight....and cracked jokes about the Italian/ Russian mafia with my flight buddy. and then i saw the lights of Mumbai city and i almost cried with joy. they were beautiful. simply beautiful.

so a breezy "1:00 am" walk at Mumbai International airport after a grouchy man waved me through a gap in the barrier cordoning the Green Channel and Customs & after a lovely lady at Jet Air waviered my excess luggage with a smile and after i immediately got a seat on the bus connecting the International and Domestic Airports, i realised that a breezy walk is not the best thing always. i ended up having to sit on my arse for over 4 hours at the Domestic Terminal waiting for my connecting flight to Ahmedabad. next to me sat a South African couple (albeit of Indian descent), also waiting for their connecting flight to Jaipur. so i took the opportunity to yap a bit more.

anyways, i finally got on to my connecting flight to A'bad and ahhhh!! man it was soooooo good. i just flooped on to my seat (oh yes, the lovely lady had given me the window seat next to the door so that i could strech my legs) and asked the pretty airhostess for an extra pillow and slept. yes, i slept through all the turbulence and everything else...well i did run into my cousin at the arrivals terminal on landing. you see, she works at the airport and had specifically asked to be stationed at arrivals that day just so that she would be the first to meet me. was so funny, she didn't recognize me until i walked right up to her and picked her up!
oh a FYI note: i shaved my long curly tresses a day before i flew out of Mauritius!!
and then she ensured that all my luggage was fast tracked and that i didn't have to go through any formalities and escorted me out to the main gate. anyways, this is turning into a mother of a post!! phew, i just have so much to share and say...but all in due time. today's Janmasthami (the birthday of Lord Krishna) so i gotta go see the 'matka' ceremony on TV. but i shall be back later with more stories...

PS: i saw my little niece, and my my she is the most beautiful little wonder i have ever laid my eyes upon. they call her Rushika, but for me she is my tiny little DODO. and i love her sooooooooo much. she's an absolute darling.

PPS: got my admission in MSU-Baroda, am moving on Monday. ;)


Beks said...

Welcome back!! Hell Yeah!


Nice details...I should have got you as my co-traveller so tht I can hear all the stuff u talk about!! Anyways congrats on your admission n all the best.

Anonymous said...

U ass! My parents are back and i had to finish all the vodka i had bought for us... alone, before their return. But I must say, a litre of vodka at one go is fun.
N gimme some way i can contact u n bust ur ungrateful arse!

Ghost Particle said...

and I have someone in Baroda somewhere in Amehdabad when I come over in a few months...hahaha...:p

That was nice, but could u leave that place mna...heard its paradise!

Susanne said...

Now you are back in India again...
You sounds so excited, that's really nice!
Wish you Good luck for all things you are doing next. I guess that's relevant too one week later :-)

By the way why did you shave your long curly tresses? Or does it mean that you have short curly tresses as in your photo now? I like that haircut in your photo!