Saturday, August 26, 2006


i could go on and apologize for not being as regular as before in my blogging, but then i am not in a very apologetic mood at the moment. :)

so finally i made my move to Baroda and to MSU. how do i like it there?? can't really say much yet, since i have only managed to spend like 2 days there...but in general i suppose that i am pretty excited and happy to be where i am. the good part is that there are a lot of non-Gujarati students in my class (especially a lot of cute Manipuri girls). ;)

anyways, currently i am back in Ahmedabad and that too not by any common-place turn of events. to be more precise, i am currently kidnapped and am being held hostage in Ahmedabad. i am completely powerless in front of my kidnapper, who i cannot even turn over to the cops (though i have threatened to do so on innumerable occasions over the last 2 days) and am counting the days to my release. now, there is a part of me that wants to stretch this episode into a melodramatic story as in Ekta Kapoor serials, but then there is this other part of me (and presumably the stronger one) that is too lazy to undertake any such effort. so here are the facts laid out bare and for all to read.

no short, no Ekta Kapoor.

so i committed the ultimate crime when i failed to call up my buddy Mohit before i came to India. and then, i failed to surprise him by crashing at his home or office over the course of the past week as i had planned to do (actually that was Ronak's idea and i hold him responsible on all accounts). now, that, my dear friends is the silliest mistake that i have committed in my 21 year old life. i was silly enough to think that i could hide something as big as a 65 kilo person from a guy whose father runs a newspaper (so what if he was in Delhi all of last week). in short Mohit found out that i was in India (how?? i don't know), and so he did something very unlike him. he waited for me to call him and tell him i was in India...and i did something so very unlike myself as well, i forgot to call him. but all these pretences went down the drain last Wednesday when i got a call in the afternoon:

cell ringing and disturbing my mid-day siesta

Me: hello!!

Ronak: hi! where are you?

Me: at my uncle's apartment. i just got back from college.

Ronak: ok, somebody wants to talk to you.

Me: huh!!

the Somebody: you bloody c$%T, Madad C#@d, @##@%...(a five minute barrage of gaalis ensued) think that you are smarter than me eh?? well too bad, now you are going to little prick. try and save your ass if you can...

Me: hi Mohit!

Mohit: saala, C@#t...hi bolta hai?? where the fuck are you??

Me: Baroda..

Mohit: ok.

(he disconnects the phone and i am actually rolling on the floor laughing. i know that my arse is in big trouble, but i cannot but help laugh. he just sounded soooooooo mad). three quarters of an hour later...cell rings again.

Mohit: so where does your uncle live in Baroda?

Me: why?

Mohit: just answer my question kutte (dog)...

Me: so and so and so building...

Mohit: down in 10 mins.

Me: what?? what do you mean be down?? you don't possibly mean to say that you are in Baroda? are you?

Mohit: yes i am...aab baachke baata (now try and save yourself).

Me: OMG!!

Mohit: shut up...just be down in 5.

so i wait for 5 minutes and then make my way down the apartment building. and wait as a white Toyota pulls up next to me and a mad Mohit jumps out, chases me around the parking lot, catches me and lands a nice punch behind my ears and bundles me into the car, and the next thing that i know i we are speeding down the Expressway towards Ahmedabad. i am very curtly informed that my indiscretion and failure to contact Mohit is the reason behind my abduction and now i only get to go back to Baroda on Tuesday after spending the weekend at Mohit's.

well folks, so that is the short and sweet story of my kidnapping. i don't have a toothbrush, my wallet holds only 100 bucks, and i am still wearing my house slippers...

well folks, life can't get more spontaneous and 'on-the-spur-of-the-moment' than this, can it?

ps: i managed to find some clothes that i had left back at my Granny's place in Ahmedabad, so thankfully i have a clean pair of underpants and better footwear.

pps: (American half of my parivar) Ba reached Ahmedabad today morning. i was at the airport to receive her. so rest assured that she had a decent flight and made it!!

and now i must go...i am hungry and the food smells delicious!!


Me said...

Hey, looks like you are kind of settled in back in Baroda!

Kishley said...

:) hey thats so sweet of r fren mohit.. :P

Susanne said...

Nice story, Nachi! I guess you've enjoyed
the weekend with Mohit. He seems being a true friend...:-)

Beks said...

What fun! I wish I could be kidnapped by friends!

Ghost Particle said...

holy cheesecakes! this is the coolest candid story ever read. Cool friends, wish I has sum like dat!