Saturday, November 04, 2006

feels like a hangover...

i usually have a pretty effective means of dealing with problems/issues that affect me.
"i close my eyes and go to sleep"
knowing that i shall be able to tackle them with more vigor thanks to a rested and rational mind when i wake up. it sure is a rare occasion when i have lost sleep over some problem, but last night sleep eluded me. i stayed up half the night worrying and being annoyed; the other half was spent being annoyed and contemplating. all-in-all, the wee hours of dawn saw me quite a bit disappointed over certain matters.

...and now i feel like shit!!


timo said...

Sometimes problems clutch your mind so tight you can't even put them aside to find some sleep. I find my mind racing even over trivial stuff from time to time.

What i do then is to try to keep my mind from dealing with this issues in this state where solutions can't be found.

Counting sheep doesn't work for me but there are several other relaxation techniques that do the job.

Me said...

i HATE when that happens. Sorry, Nach, I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

Susanne said...

I know that too. Sometimes it helps drinking some warm milk and eating a little bit. Sometimes the Bach Flower "White Chestnut" helps. Sometimes I need Magnesium.
Hope your sleep is better again!
And thanks for your nice Halloween comment :-)

Gordon van den Heever said...


I'm fed up with this new gmail beta blogger login shit.....where is my gun?

Hey buddy, what's up? Guess you don't want to speak to me.....I'm still waiting for your call back biatch....

And yeah, for the first time in my life i guess Jess is right....What the fuck is wrong with ya buddy? Homesick? Listen, if you want to talk, DON'T CALL ME!

Listen, be strong, have fun and I miss seeing you puking in a garbage can.... Stay alive and free...rule of living.


Ghost Particle said...

man...that is bad. If you start working, that will happen most of the days. Oh well...there are solutions to problems like ignoring them to the point its not a problem anymore, but it doesnt work all the time. I think another way would be delaying it...anyways the best is to force ur head to solve it then be happy later. Or you could always ask!

Hvae a beer and a nice days rest bro!