Wednesday, December 06, 2006

aalvida mere pyaare taapu... leaving tomorrow

but i have no sorrows, cause i am eager to be back in the grind of life that entwines me back in India. life on this island has been good to me.
...far too many memories attached to everything and i have realized that to relive them alone is a folly. you can't be in Kenzi alone and neither can you set up a Braai without the big the only thing left to do is to create new memories, such as the one that involves Bananna Bar, Phoenix, Vodka and me n Yashraj yapping away to glory...
in any case, the strings that bind me to India are much too stronger and the only thing that keeps me coming back to this island is my family. but soon even that last thread may be severed once dad makes up his mind to leave. still, i shall remain an islander to the end of my life. the spirit of Mauritius lives somewhere within me. even though i am saying goodbye as of now, i am pretty sure that i shall be back!!


Ghost Particle said...

god dude! U write like a true traveller, like naipul reliving his glory days or like hemmingway in love with the sea. Bro...u r good!

Dh@v@! said...

!!!!!!!! i m blank

Gordon van den Heever said...


I guess you enjoyed it, but time has moved on and we all do have different obligations, goals and dreams.

I'm back in the Bru Town and moving down to Cape Town in a week. I will go and see Anne and maybe we can get fucking wasted the South African way, the way its meant to be.

Enjoy India bru... Later

Anonymous said...

gunda.. sorry i've been MIA for so long, but i did just get a chance to catch up on reading the last few entries on your blog and its SO awesome to hear about your life in india. i am so incredibly jealous you are there living it up! i loved hearing about navratri; yeah, we gujratis celebrated it here too but it wasnt nine nights at all (although we tried to make up for it with one long night) its times like navratri when you remember how much indians like to party. anyways, nachi das, i miss you much and live vicariously through your travels/life in india and mauritius! hearing about the island made me nostalgic too.
uma (gundi sanghvi)

Gordon said...

My god,

UMA is alive! What in the world happened to you girl? I would love to see the gundi & gunda making their reunion back on home ground....Something like in Delhi Jail or werever the gujrati's are from? Maybe GOA, 'cause I would really love to get my black ass pver there and just maybe get into the BANGRA thing with da local ladies....Who's your daddy?

Anyway bru, got to go now.....Cape Town is waiting for da bru...


Anne said...

Uma, Nachi, Gordon .... great to see you all here!

Nachi, glad it is the same story for you. we all gonna stay islanders for a lifetime i guess.
just had a revival with Gordon yesterday at Cape Town Waterfront and it felt special again!

Cause we are special and unique!!!!!!!!

Miss you! Keep the spirit alive and say hi to the elephant dude who hocked up with the banana tree chick!