Sunday, December 03, 2006

philosophical debate...

...Sometimes there comes a time in life when a man must wear his "stretchy pants"...

(i.e. when he must sit back and contemplate on the more serious stuff; such as the meaning of living one’s life and this world at large. the term 'stretchy pants' being the idiomatic expression for all such major analytical and physical tasks in the lingual communicado that i share with my sister)...

anyways, so here’s one such healthy philosophical talk between L and me in its entirety:

L: "this world is an attempt to catch you with your pants down!"
Me: "thank heavens i'm not going commando!!"
...cause i certainly can't presume to change the plans that the world has for me, but the least i can do is to make sure that i don't come out of it looking like a fool exposing his arse for all to kick!!


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