Saturday, February 10, 2007

Amores Perros...indeed, what a bitch!!

an entire pack of cigarettes...Spanish movie...and its already 5 am!!

...sometimes one needs to let go. just collapse into nothingness and let the fucked up part of your mind take over. sometimes its the best thing to do. especially on a night like tonight. and maybe, you will be lucky enough to come up with something as incredibly ridiculous yet brilliant like what Saad came up with...he's a fucked up bastard alright. but tonight he can take solace in the fact that i am way too fucked up in my mind...for once he's saner than I. blah. blah, time for me to shut on!

Plato And The Velociraptor -

So, so you think you tell,

weed from mead (meat or whatever),

suku from deepu, blood spatter from pleasure,

can u tell a brain from an a rice grain,

an oligarch from an anarchy

do you think you can gun, gun it to the max?

and did they get you to trade guns for babes?

hot hash for cash?

warm blood from cold?

frozen dino for yogurt?

and did you exchange Socrates for a war in Athens with Plato tied to loose change

how i wish, i wish you would play, you gay dino from Thermopylae

so, so you think you can tell.

a velociraptor from Hannibal Lecter;

we're just two lost souls, one explaining the republic and you eating on my severed pelvic

me crying over the same old topic (world peace and free trade)

what have we found? the same old thing......

never explain a dino your intellectuality

or you might end up in the belly of that sweet monstrosity

wish wish Socrati was here.

i wish i had a even better, a chainsaw!! wish i was there at the battle of Thermopylae fighting a million Persians (yes, you all guessed right. i have indeed been reading too much of history of late and watching violent movies ) anger needs to be let not anger, rather disappointment.

maybe i need a bottle of Vodka (screw Gujarat and its prohibitory laws)!!

the death of a hero is always the worst...when the invincible is sucks.


*update: ok make that a pack of cigarettes and a pack of beedies!!


Ghost Particle said...

man...u r missing Mauritius!

Ill take some vodka. Cheers bro!

Do tell me all about the KAfka week!

Gordon van den Heever said...


What the fuck? Man, are you on medication or maybe it is just India getting the best of you.....

World peace & Free Trade...Well my friend, it will never exist. That is the bottom line.

Beedies, well, that is really awesome. Is it rolled in banana leaves with tobacco or do you have something awesome in there?

Well, may our baby boy come back to life and be just the vomitting Nachi I know....

Miss ya bru. Keep the faith and heads up.