Sunday, February 04, 2007

a dead man on the floor and a ton of chocolate in the fridge...

well, the MS University internal examinations start from tomorrow!! and the funny part of it all is that our lecturers are the ones who are the ones advocating the futility of such the words of one,
"So, you guys are worried about studying for the internals?? you know, its not even necessary to take them in the first place." :) in the face of such excellent advice what am i supposed to do?? study??

anyways, have been going through my share of movies over the last few days...crashing over at Saad's sure has that as an added get to watch all kinds of stuff...good stuff. that guy sure is one crazy movie freak. but he's a great pal and i love him. watched 'A Bitter Sweet Life' last night...Korean movie with subtitles and slick action and damn nice suites!!

...we guys finally crashed at 5 am, only to wake up when the woman called me at around 2 in the afternoon. she sure wasn't pleased at the idea of me still in bed and made me do the 'stand on the bed and wave your arms' routine (in a classic case of meri billi aur mujhise meoow. usually it is I who make her do all that shit early in the morning)!!

well, so Saad is still on the floor sleeping like a dead badly wish that someone calls that bastard and wakes him up...or else i shall have to go and kick him in the ribs to get his arse moving. but not before i first go through the ton of chocolate that lies in the fridge! hurray to Saad's mom who sent him all that.

anyways, Chirag's gonna come over some time soon. he has got hold of some study material that might help us be better prepared for the paper tomorrow. and yes, we are studying for the exams. who listens to em' silly lecturers anyways!!


ps: we need five buckets of blood!! ...don't ask why...


Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Bru,

Cool to know that things still go strong....Tell me, what woman called you....You mean your woman? Brother, throw the info over the net....!

Inform me of the beauty that exist in India and I am not refering to the natural beauty on the Bengal Tigers or Tamil Tigers.....You get me?

Listen, my full support for the exams. I think it is a good thing that someone invented exams....It keeps the kids busy and away from the grownup life...

Anyways, have fun buddy and enjoy!



NOw which mistery woman did make you do those antics? Who woke you up? I can picturise a woman hostel warden. Tell me I am rong n it is someone more exciting!

Chocolate n blood...its a good combi, one drooling over the other :)

Kishley said...

lolz.. thank goodness um out of that exams routine.. gave me goosebumps :D All the besht..

Ghost Particle said...

all the best bro!