Wednesday, March 21, 2007

in a trance...smoky trance!!


...its been a while and i certainly feel as if its been a long while...but here i am, alive and kicking as usual! :)

anyways, don't really know how to go about with this i guess that i shall just go with the flow...maybe highlight some of the more worthy events that have kept me engaged...and then there is always the "fuck it, i was too busy sleeping" quote.

well first and foremost i gotta say that all that reading paid off big time. i mean, my paper/presentation at the Kafka Fest at the university was well received success...some cringed, some squirmed, some were aghast at my words, a lot of them coughed but the end result was that i was able to pull off what i wanted and shock the people present in the true Kafkaesque sense. got a video of the entire thing as well...its in the process of being converted into a digital format and is being edited. then i shall put it up online. promise.

secondly...Mommy is back!! i finally caught up with mom after almost two years and three months. and it wasn't as hard as i had presumed it to be. i survived it, she survived it! :)

apart from these two main major newspaper headlines, everything else seems to have fallen into a hum-drum routine sort of existence. exams are approaching fast, and i am caught up with a bit of studies. a friend (my ex roommate to be precise) is in the hospital in the ICU and so a fair amount of time is being spent paying regular visits to the hospital and spending time besides him making sure he doesn't do anything silly in his sedated state. i still have a paper to write on Sartre that my lecturer is begining to complain about (but i have no bloody intention of writing it. not right away at least). and i need to get out of this cyber cafe and meet up some people in say 10 mins and then go see the sick bugger!!

so hasta la vista...but shall be back again, sooner, this time.

ps: can't but help feeling Transcendal!!


Gordon van den Heever said...

Gey Bru,

Been realy a long time since you have blogged.

DO I HEAR ANY BAGLADESHI IN THE HOUSE? India suck BIG bru....hehehehe.....

So, tell me who is the favourites now....and number 1 in the world ODI? Wait until the 24rth then we will prove it as well. Sad about coach BoB Woolmer though....Bomb those pakistani's now....anyway they are going home. Thanks Ireland!

Anyways bru, how have you been doin? Seems that you revolved now into a real Indi again. Nothing is better like home, right?

Anyways, keep good, clean and safe. Miss you bru.


Ghost Particle said... many things happenin in ur life. Wish everything goes great for you. Life is like a box of rum chocolates and naked girls running around. Just that in real life it wont happen :D

Will be waiting for the Kafka video with batted breath and an apple stuck on my head.

Regards to the sick friend, what happened to him>?

Nachi said...

bru: fuck the bangladesh fiasco!! we burnt sehwag posters at the hostel to make up for it!! but then we dished it all out to the poor Bermudans!

miss ya too bru...and yes, im keeping it safe, for now! :)

GP: sure thing about life!! and yeah, keep that apple balanced on your coming up soon!

sick friend landed up in da hospital with some sort of inflammation in his brain! maybe Meningitis, but the docs got him in he's good for now!

susanne said...

Hi Nachi,

you are really very engaged with all these things!

Strong emotions to digest, I think...
...few words but lots of stuff behind them.

No wonder that you feel transcendental.

Tell your friend: "Get well soon!" and enjoy the time with your mom.

And take care of you.


Me said...

You've been busy Nachi. Doing worthwhile things and here I thought you were just having too much to blog.
Congrats on the presentation of the Kafka paper.
And I hope you have tons of fun with your mom and that your friend gets better.
Hey, which newspapers do you write for? Are they online?

nafiz said...

GUESS WHAT.........INDIA IS ALMOST OUT OF WORLD CUP & BANGLADESH WILL BE IN DA SUPER 8..isnt dat sweet nachi bro?????? i told u guys stay away from TIgers.we r too hot to i hope for da rest of da tournament u gonna support BD as a bangali.and talking bout da champion my full support will be with south africa only if they r nt playing against us in da final!!!!! gordon bru here we come......

Nachi said...

Susanne: thanks and yes, there certainly is a lot of very strong emotions running around behind the scene!! i try and keep myself busy and engaged...always love reading your comments!

Me: it was a pun. i really don't write for any newspapers, not yet at least.

the Kafka thing was good and yes, my friend is recovering!

Nafiz: FUCK OFF!!!

...congrats man! hope you guys manage to have a bit of fun in the Super 8. as for the Indian cricket team, its not that bad you know! the saving grace is that the Pakistan team didn't make it either!! ;)

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Nachi,

SORRY BRU.......I know one Sri Lanki working with are very excited.....! Now that it is official, well....I mean, I feel sorry for you, but the other 1.5 billion I do not really care about.

Hey, do me favour. That anger of burning flags...can you maybe take it across border and burn those Pakistani's? I mean, old Bob did not deserve that.

Bru, best is to start shouting for the only team in the world. SOUTH AFRICA. We are having a tough game against the Aussies and the hitting the crap out of us. I wonder what the score will be, but we have beat them before when they hit a major against 360's will not be that tough.

Then my Bangladeshi pal....Bru, congrats. A couple of years ago you were not big in cricket, but times are changing. WELCOME to the BIG boys club. Shame on those that doesn't belong there.

SOUTH AFRICA first and then BANGLADESH..bru, I am a patriot first, then friends follow. HAVE FUN GUYS!