Saturday, July 14, 2007


tch tch...
the apartment is still not as clean as i want it to be. but its getting there. in a few days, yes just give me a week more, and it will be perfect. but until then let's put my somewhat germaphobic thingy on the side and talk about other things.
for one i like my new roommates. Luke and Nibha. man, just when you thought that life would get a bit saner and fall into a rhythm everything goes for a toss with roommates like them. tossed straight out of the seventh floor window. and add to that the fact that Kareena (Yeeeoooooooooooooooooowwwwl!! *doing the bad wolf yeowl*) is moving into the opposite apartment; damn!! ;)
ah well, life has it's moments!
so finally the strike and the protest has been called off. the Governor has appointed a seperate committee to investigate the actions of the Vice Chancellor of MSU in the wake of the Chandramohan incident. so the Fine Arts faculty has finally begun academic activities after a month of strikes and protests led by the students. external interference, especially by the so called moral police and the self appointed religious fundamentalists is totally out of order in an educational institution such as the MSU. we students believe in that, and we stood up for that. and now our voice has been heard. special kudos to the students of the Fine Arts faculty! Anindita, Baba, Samudra, Kaustabh, Goba, Luke, Nibha, Raj, Mrugen and everyone else...great going guys!
awight! now i needs be pushing off! Kaz just got to town last night. a nice little surprise trip just for Saad. the look on that idiot's face was worth a million $'s... lol!! now i need to go see those two fools and also take them off poor Anindita's hands. they would have driven her nuts by now. then some bank work...and the back to the apartment for project clean!
later folks! shall try and keep posting at regular intervals...
ps: Ghosty, i too feel that white best describes me in this blog! so am gonna stick to it! anyways, thanks for suggesting.
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Ghost Particle said...

bro! whose dat Kareena?! man...enjoy the student life...thats the best ever..coz its not reality! :p