Sunday, July 22, 2007

squishy yoyo's...

just when i was finally thinking that "maybe, just maybe, my life is falling into some sort of order" i am once again reminded of how instantaneous life is in reality and exactly how much i thrive on my capacity to adapt and go along with the flow.

but first and foremost i have a confession. i have been bad! the reasons, i hold back...but let it suffice to be know that i have been not up to the standards of my best behavior (
& i blame Saad for the me lee that we have caused & for the moral dilemma that we have put Fahad in to. :)

so this weekend was sort of planned as a quite little rendezvouses with my cousin Anuradha, Milan (who flew in especially from Mumbai for the occasion) and my uncle and aunt at Mount Abu for her 25th birthday. Mt Abu is this lovely little hill town situated around about a 5 hour drive from Ahmadabad. a picture perfect destination that was a much welcome escape from the heat and the bustle of Baroda and Ahmadabad. not that we stayed too long, for we must have been there for a maximum of 30 hours or something, but they were just what we all needed. in any case, the pictures are up on the photo blog for everyone's viewing pleasure.

secondly, i am once again engaged in a house hunt. this time around we are all looking for a place for Anindita who got so unceremoniously told to leave her wonderful house just cause the owners were incapable/ unwilling to rent out their place to someone from the Fine Arts Faculty after the aftermath of the protests. its a long story on how they (i.e. the fundamentalist organizations) are creating problems for the students and the supporters of the liberal cause in Baroda. but that is a matter unto itself.

for now we are looking for a house! and if nothing works out, Ani can always move in with me! (HURRAH!! a certain part of me wishes that so bad!!) :)

later then amigos!



Dh@v@! said...

u will get a good hous soon :) :) :)

BTW nic pic... seems u had a gr8 time there

susanne said...

Hi Nachi, very nice Photos again in your entry "while in Mumbai..."!
I love your blog as always! It's a pleasure reading your thoughts and the news of your life.

And I am so sorry that I didn't write earlier: The past weeks have been stressful because of many important decisions I had to make.
I set the course for the next year/s...
...and I really hope I did the right things!

I have to comment your photo blog too - I've seen your photos last week and I like them!!!!!

Ghost Particle said...

bro! Wazzup?!