Tuesday, October 02, 2007

relativity can be fatal. it just depends on how you see it...

something that everyone prefers to do on a holiday is to catch up on sleep. the sweet comfort of knowing that you are not required to drag your arse out of the bed and face the nuances of a daily life is a feeling that is not reciprocated in the breaks that holidays beget in my daily life...
somehow i have managed to negotiate my terms with life in a manner that allows me to snooze on unabashedly on a daily basis. losing out on my sleep is something that i am not willing to compromise on.
...call me lazy! but that's the way things are with me. still, today i decided to go all out and try and force my laziness/ability to sleep to the limits. and i failed! ah well, i have learned to accept failure in my stride. life teaches one such things.

in other things, the one place where i am fighting a constant battle is with my so called smoking habit. seems as if the entire world (i.e. dearest Ani, Bela ma'am, Summi, Chicka and my mom) have come to believe that a cigarette and I are synonymous. *puff puff* ...ah well, i wage on my war for my friends (and partly for my own "super-large-cannot-fit-in to-a-tinned can-EGO" that refuses to accept defeat to any substance that strives to subjugate me with it's addictive habits). my cigarette is like my paramour whom i visit every now and then. i spend some time with her and then move on...i go back to life as it is supposed to be...and then i come back to her again. and she always welcomes me with open arms and slaps me with her nicotine kick and then embraces me in a smoky haze.
smoking can kill! DO NOT SMOKE!

i am looking for a job. it just seems that i have plenty of time that i am not utilizing in the optimum manner. working and having a job would sort that out. but its kind of hard to just take up any task that comes up to you. first there is my father to contend with, who has a very strong belief that i am not supposed to waste my time doing odd silly things for a job. my sole purpose is to study and nothing else. for that he is willing to provide my with all the necessities (and to an extent quite a bit of luxuries as well) in life. all i have to do is study. that is the deal. on the other hand i have my own sense of elitist requisites that prevent me from taking up a task that i feel is below my qualifications and abilities (there is no way in Hell that i am going to sit and receive calls from all over the world inquiring as to why their PCs don't work, only to remind them that they need to plug it in first. Outsourcing and working in a Call center/BPO/KPO is just not for me. i am not a receptionist who is going to say, "hello how may i help you sir?" in an Indian accent). and because of that i have suffered so far. but finally things are looking up and there might be something that i can substantiate as a "decent job" to my father and "a challenging experience" to myself. but for now i am keeping my fingers crossed.

oh by the way, today is the birth anniversary of a certain Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. dude first got us our independence and then a public holiday on his birthday. hurrah to Gandhi! Happy Birthday man and thanks a million for everything...

thought for the day: success is not something that can be accounted for by immediate gains.
~quotes on the AMTS bus.


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susanne said...

Reading your entry in the early morning really means a great pleasure for me right now...
...but I've never heard that word "paramour" - though my dict says its meaning and I like it!
The only thing I have to add is that perhaps you should fulfill any paramour with more life...?