Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pitstop blogging....

considering that i have been quite unable to blog of late, i really don't seem to have felt the pinch! you know, the "damn, i miss blogging!" feel that regular bloggers usually suffer from once they are removed from their lofty seats. i felt it initially when i first came down from Mauritius, but now i'm just used to it! Internet access is just a walk down the lane, and yet its as if there is an unfathomable distance that needs be is moving on!

in other things, i finally got my second tattoo!! Yay!! i have always wanted family symbol that rests atop the crest of the family temple is finally inscribed into my thinks that i'm loony and mom simply shrugged her shoulder and stated, "You were always fascinated by that symbol right from your childhood. its no wonder that you want it as a tattoo now!"

in other things, might soon start free lancing for the Times of India! heaven knows that the Baroda edition desperately needs a face lift and better articles in terms of quality writing.
another set of Pickwick Papers??? i believe not
...but something shall come out of least i'm going to try and make it happen so.

apart from has been pretty cool. India lifted the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa and we really kicked some arse in order to do that. even Gordon has to agree to that! guess that the twenty20 format of the game is here to stay... just got done with the Reading and performance of Macbeth this Monday. and the best part was the cool reviews that we got in the papers..always makes one feel good when one's hard work is appreciated.

anyways, i gotta go run along now...have to give a presentation on the issue of Genocide for my political studies you have quite a bit to say on that Jaanu!!!

to all those whom i know and love..miss you all and God bless you!


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Gordon van den Heever said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tattoos. Point Made! Maybe on a little indian and Nachi, the cricket my friend was pure luck. I do not even know why the south africans gave you a home ground advantage in Durban, 'cause the place is flooded with indians......anyway

You guys are getting a hammering from Australia and by the look of things, it is a huge spanking. Bitch!

And if you want a job, I just know found out that we have a position that opened for Tea Girl.....just send me your CV.

Have fun bru......Later