Friday, December 05, 2008

Mr Ghost comes to banyan not you Ghosty!

"Nice guys end up as Ghosts."

...just a 'something' that has been a long time in the making, writing and getting done. an idea to unravel and relish the life and times spent in good ol' Baroda and to speak my mind while dripping in a pool of nostalgia...

...some people just have a lot to say. doesn't matter even if they are dead!



Ghost Particle said...

im gonna trademark my nick.

heheh...will read the link afta this bro.

have a nice weekend.

Nachi said...

Ghosty: yeah, maybe you should do that. Thank God, not too many peeps wanna go around calling themselves Nachi!!

...thanks bro, but the weekend's gonna be hectic. so for this time around, you do the chilling for the both of us. Okay!


Ghost Particle said...

oh man... i will bro. u take care man.