Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the tryst of the nomad...

all night long conversations with old friends...unwrapping the promises of the past 3 years and gift wrapping promises for the coming many. an early morning breakfast at the favorite breakfast joint. one more memory tucked away neatly. from the small fifteen minutes of the boisterous evening at the chai walla to the long hour at the hitherto unknown temple. sitting. staring. playing with those beautiful eyes. listening to the birds. walking back in time.

wandering the by lanes of nostalgia and watching the sights of old, hold on to the last vestiges of the chasm of my memory, fighting for one last remembrance.

a small victory. a faint smile. an old story remembered and retold. of swings and blossoms in the spring to the noisy quailing of the children in the summer heat. the mirth of old laughter arousing new laughter. and then the quaint touch of those delicate hands that reminds that it is time to go.
back to the crowd. back to the books. back to the present. back to wherever it is along with her...for the moment.

"the tryst of a nomad
is not with time or distance nor companion.
cause just walking in small steps in any direction
all will lead to someplace new."


Kavi said...

I am in a meloncholy mood myself ! And then, stumbled upon your post ! man, you communicate ! Big time !

And the essence of communication is to bring forth movement ! Which you did ! Big time !


Miladysa said...

May you always walk in sunshine :D

Chronicwriter said...

lovely.. the picture singed well with the write up...

Amruta said...

I love the way you write. After reading this, it dawns upon me that lots of people are gonna go away including you. And even though we haven't spent much time together, i will never forget the time that we have. I will miss you :)


яノςんム said...

hey dropping in to say hi and stumbled upon while blog hopping..
liked ur ishtyle :D

Nachi said...

Kavi: :)

...thank you brother, for understanding that movement is the crux of all thought and action. forward, backwards and sideways. we move. we change...

and in between, in the present, in our dreams & thoughts, हम यह लम्हा फिलहाल जी ही लेते है|

Miladysa: thank you Milady! missed you...where were you?


Chriz: it's funny how i happen to click pictures and lock them away in the vault, only for them to re-emerge someday along with an impulsive assortment of words and emotions.

Charsi: aww! don't ya worry. even if i go walking through the Amazonian jungles and stumble upon a lost cache of Indian gold. when i sit down to rest my aching limbs, i shall be thinking of you.

i am still here. i haven't gone yet. so why worry, yet?

:) *HUGZ*

яノςんム: well i am sure glad that you stopped by. and yes, thank you. by the way, took a little hop over to your blog. must say. i love quite a bit of your playlist!

thank you for the music!


Keshi said...

thats so true...the mental distance travelled is what matters.

Im bak :)


WarmSunshine said...

this post goes so deep Nachi....i loved it... memories... aren't they simply a treasure??


Nachi said...

Keshi: You are back! Yay! :D don't you dare run away again. not without me at least...

Mehreen: memories are the one thing that are a constant companion to us nomads as we traverse the world from one place to another, taking the memories with us, sharing them, and in the process building new memories. of friendship and love.

...its a long walk home anyways!