Sunday, March 29, 2009

yes, i too romanticize life...



कदमों की आहट से

जाने छायी यह क्या मेह्कशि,

हम चल दिए इस माशूक दिल के एक इशारे पर।

धुप से गुज़रते हुए, सन्नाटों
के आँचल में लिपटे

शाम ढलते पहुंचे आपके मयखाने पर।


enthralled by the faint sound of someone's footsteps

wonder what sort of intoxication takes it's hold on me,

i walk onwards, led by the mere indication of this smitten heart,

through the harsh sun, wrapped in the veil of a heavy silence.

come evening i find myself at the doorsteps of your मयखाना (pub/place of intoxication).


Amruta said...

It's such a sweet song. If it was written for a particular woman, i must say she's lucky! (I'm talking about the songwriter/lyricist.)

shoxy! said...

its gud 2 c the angel side of u...full of emotions...hardly get 2 c u like this..
..u really surprise me whn u behave angelic..Saki ne phir se mera jaam bhar diya..guncha means flowers or blossom.. if i m nt by readin ur post n listenin to d song..i feel like 'guncha koi tere naam kardiya'

Amruta said...

Lol. Nachi must be suffering from temporary personality disorder of some sort which makes him "angelic".

I love you guys. You make me laugh.

And this word verification also makes me laugh - bionnoom. Lol. That's funny.

Chronicwriter said...

mesmerised... been in similar situation?

i wanna be in one

яノςんム said...

main, meri patni aur woh :D

Mohit Chauhan. Guncha Koi..

lovely number :D

Ghost Particle said...

awww the softer gooooey side of Nachi.

love da verses bro. :)

Miladysa said...

Must be Spring ;D

Nachi said...

Amruta: aabe Charsi, zyaada phoonk li kya?? me and my 'angelic' moods, (sigh) , what can i say? it's like Miladysa put in, "must be the spring" .

and say, "wah ustaad wah!" .

Ruchi: hmm, i guess you still don't know the half of being Nachi! either you suck with your observation skills, or i have simply been 'overly' mean and sarcastic predator types whenever you have been in the vicinity over the past 3 years (remember all those wicked devilry?? poor Leena) . lol!

chal yaar, itnaa bhi devilish nahi hoon mein all the time.

Chriz: do i feel a 'Renu' post coming up soon on how crazy Chriz tried his hand at poetry for the love of his life!!

would be worth a read that one, i tell ya!


яノςんム: hehehe, haven't seen the movie yet Richa. just got hooked to the song thanks to a certain Assamese watermelon playing it day and night.

kindda played along well with my mood the song...and yes, I Heart Silk Route .

Ghosty: yeah, so what? not like you haven't had your brain turned into a gooey mush sometime or the other.

love ya too brah! more so the words you pen than the humor though...but ice cream rocks the most!


Miladysa: how did you know? yes, it is the summer. spring is long come and gone here in Gujarat, India.

...the heat is melting my brains and turning it into a slush!