Sunday, June 28, 2009

a boy with his comic books...

"Did he who made the Lamb make thee?" ~ William Blake (the Tyger)

...spent time in the College, discussing poetry with the professors. this year's batch at the English department is sure to have their task cut out for them and a lot to contemplate about. Byron, Blake, Keats, Shelly, Tennyson, Milton, Lee Hunt...some of the ones i like are 'IN'. sadly, i am not a student of literature per say.

i have always pushed the idea of incorporating a study of a certain kind of modern literature, the comic book one, into the syllabus. comics have the capacity to open an entire world of human thought channeling it into a graphical vision that has only added to the meaning of the written word, despite being camouflaged in ink strokes. from my first comic book of Flash Gordon and emperor Ming battling it out, to my collection of Batman comics and the dark Kafkaesque insanity of the Joker's existence and purpose, comics have gripped me unlike any other form of written literature. if Nietzsche was the dark prince of the philosophical genre, who immortalized chaos and insanity and the utter lack of human morals in his books, it was the Joker that brought his ideas to life. the Sandman saga of Neil Gaiman re-established the existentialists and their order of the inevitable death and the meaninglessness of the resurgent and constant human effort against the unstoppable tide of time. sometimes bodering on the very edge of our foundations of right and wrong and even God. comic books and poetry have a lot in common. it is the idea underneath the ink that lures, and in some cases to the ones that dig deeper, it appals.

Watchmen. ~ Alan Moore

...sometimes nothing need be said. sit back and enjoy.

"Economics might your bread and butter, but Literature is your jam and honey that you so very like to spread over your bread."
~ Susanne Ma'am

...i do have a sweet tooth.


d gypsy! said...

me too... a sweet tooth

and ur right, comics, eh, they can make people love, cry, laugh all at the same time and all in a comical way..

Ghost Particle said...

nice post, very must relate to :)

and the quote at the so true. sometimes, however way we branch, the lives calling will be in books and writings :) its a blogger thing :D I think neha would agree :)

The Rat... said...

jam n honey??? yeah .. so true... i second the lady there..

but your choice of comics freaks me out i think.. i rather love the ones which make me grin from ear to ear,... not the dark graphic novels u have listed :-D


Rush said...

my hubby will totally agree wit u one this..he is a dilbert fan!!

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