Sunday, July 19, 2009

once again. insanity!

Fine Arts Annual Display 06' ~ Sukriti's works

...क्यों रे पागलपन, किधर था तू इतने दिन?

तुझे किधर-किधर नही ढूंडा मैंने।

बड़ा बत्मीज़
हो गया है तू...,
masquerading little daily puzzle;

24 pieces it says on the box.

some lost. most found.

its never a complete picture.

i finally see with my own eyes,

i missed you. you fool!

...रात भर जागे-सोए,

ईंह: आधे अरमानों को पुरे करने को देखे
कुछ सपने

दिन को सोए-जागे,

मेरे आधे सपनों को कुछ पुरे करने के थे अरमान...

...i wake up & go back to sleep.

you sure torment me!

crazy insanity...

Fine Arts Annual Display 06' ~ Sukriti's works


The Rat... said...

20 days and u blogged this???

clearly u r insanity is back.. i can well see that... Nachi kya re???

Ghost Particle said...

nuts...thats all i can say...nutty nuts.

Nachi said...

@ Rat: huh! it's not like i was off partying...and no, the insanity is not back yet. it just stopped by for a "hullo!" said it'd be back for longer soon...


@ Ghosty: and since when can you read Hindi to understand half of it??


Ghost Particle said...

i just ran it through some intelligent super computer reader stuff. it still sounded nutty.

hows u brah...u idiot.

Kavi said... 'The Rat' said..20 days..and this !!


The pictures are neat. And the Hindi half i dont follow as fully as what i follow the English types.

And of course, the snaps i usually follow better !


How have been !!

d gypsy! said...

neat pics

like evryone id like to ask whr have u disappeared?

cm back soon

WarmSunshine said...

u make it sound so meaningful