Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the monkey and the cloud!

"tut tut!! little monkey!"

dangling from the branch
reaching for what is but mine,
do you know that it might snap?

the moon shining in the lake below
is not for you to have, crave and desire.
she is not even real. just a reflection.

you shall but fall & drown!


"tut tut!! stupid cloud!"

you think that floating up above
right next to the moon i love,
she is yours to have and keep?

you only obstruct her, conceal her
with you she can never really shine.
float away with the wind cloud.

I won't be going anywhere! who do you think got the moon? :)


The Rat... said...

i did, i certainly did...

you dont believe me?? ask my camera... it ll give u loads of proofs... :-P

Seriously, great one Katzz... but someone long ago said me that ppl fall in love wit moon once they fall in moon! Wats cooking Katzz??? hmmm tell tell

d gypsy! said...

no one...

Kavi said...

I am not sure who to the moon. But certainly, am over the moon. With all this poetry !

Lovely. Lovely. I quite enjoyed the cloud part... You have a knack for all of this mate...and some more too !


Nachi said...

@ d'Rat: "fall in moon??" heh, that was Aldrin and Armstrong tripping on the moon. i am right here on safe and sound earth!

...nothing is cooking. the pot's off the kettle as of now!


@ Neha: do i sense something amiss?? what's up with you woman? how have you been? i got lot's of questions for you...cheerios!!


@ Kavi: thanks mate!! you do me much good for my own good...(does that even make sense? guess its one of those rare modest-Nachi moments)


rhythm fadia said...

love it!!!!!!!!!