Thursday, August 13, 2009

the story of a lie and the truth...


a little lie once was told.
wrapped in a smile & clad in plain white
nothing too fancy to behold,
it was just a little lie.

the plain truth once was said
slithering silently through the dark veiled eyes
a venomous spite, fraught with dread,
it was just the plain truth.


the little lie if unraveled
becomes the venomous bitter truth,
and entombs the poisoned heart forever.

bringing a cheer instead of a mournful cry
keeping the dark veil of truth at bay,
is the innocuous little lie. the moral of the story is?


Shaili said...

Truly, to tell lies is not honorable;
but when the truth entails tremendous ruin,
To speak dishonorably is pardonable.

Nachi said...

@ Shaili: waah!! jhooti...the crow shall bite! :D

Shaili said...

grrr nachi! crows and pigs.. is tht all u can think of?

Nachi said...

@ Shaili: i see that we are shifting spaces.

...and no, its not just crows and pigs. i remember an elephant quite vividly!! but that's another story...


Shaili said...

lol ok, don't tell me that.
wt do u think abt monkeys? i simply adore them! :D

Nachi said...

@ Shaili: aha, so now we are going back to our common heritage...monkeys are great!! and monkeying around does happen to be my favorite task. go check them monkeys out on the photoblog... :D

Kavi said...

Truth and lies. The age old debate. And reality !

In the times of sach ke saamna and crores at stake. Topical indeed !!

WarmSunshine said...

you make it worth so much more by your expression.... i am always in an awe every time i read your posts.

take care :)

The Rat... said...

so the moral of the story is "keep your mouth shut"

Seriously, shuddup and enjoy life.. y need to dabble in lies and truths wen they make n break relations :-)

Hey katzz hows u??? sowwie bit busy travelling...

Nachi said...

@ Kavi: forget topical, i'd rather be somewhere tropical!! *sigh*

"a bottle o' rum,
a hammock in the sun.
one kohl-smudged eye to keep
on the fine lasses who wear flowers in their hair;
while the eye underneath the patch looks out for me mermaid.
cause i must go to where she calls me out;
my never ending chase."

...ok yeh, kuch zyada hi sach hoh gaya!!


@ Mehreen: thank you...thank you...thank you...i'll try to be careful!!


@ d'Rat: teri logic toh infallible hai!! by now you should be ruling the world missy (at least the rodent half of it)...

...while you have been busy traveling, i have been busy being sick with the flu...but i'm fine now. :D

Stupidosaur said...

Moral of the STORY?
I thought its a POEM!!!

If something does not have a moral, is it immoral?

Anyways, was it swine flu?

Nachi said...

@ Stupid: buhahahahahahahahaaa!!! story/poem ek hi baat. but tere immoral prehistoric dimaag mein se morality mein expect bhi nahi karta...

...and no, not the swine flu. but none-the-less sickening & equal misery inducing common influenza. i could give you the doc's report if ya want mate!!! have you been?


Rush said...

We meet a junction of truth and lies...we take our paths and stay in touch!!

adding u to my followers list..hey there are 2 songs simultaneously goin on!! **eeks...pulls hair*

Miladysa said...

Better to have lied and lived LOL

Lovely poem Nachi :)