Sunday, August 02, 2009

walking amongst clouds...


the old stone, damp underneath the feet
wrapped in moss, slippery to say the least.
i walk with careful strides with eyes set ahead
the many garish sights before me pass unnoticed.

and then i stop.

i see the misty haze waiting across the street
now i must walk amongst the clouds laying ahead.
slipping through my fingers they embrace your warm body
and caressing your raven hair rest upon your long eyelashes.

i wish i could touch them.



Kavi said...

'i see the misty haze waiting to cross the street' !

That line caused a quiver of pleasure go through the body !

Lovely ! ( The entire poem !)


Keshi said...

wow u write so beautifully Nachi!

And WB too. Lovely pics and awesome lines there...took me to another world.


shoxy! said...

:) beautiful!

Chriz said...

wonderful.. i wanna touche them too

Shaili said...

nice one... :) li'l things make u happy, don't they?
Anyway, where on earth r u lately?!?!?

Chriz said...

i came here again.. read it again.. saw the fotos.. and all i can say is wonderful

rocksea said...

came thru IB. the poems are inspiring :)