Tuesday, June 06, 2006


nice eh? so i assume that today's Satan's birthday. Happy Birthday bad boy.


ps: been raining all day. woke up with a cleaning bug stuck in my arse. as a result ended up cleaning the entire kitchen, doing a shit load of dishes, getting rid of junk, sweeping and mopping the house and making my room a bit habitable. Newton's Third Law effect of my actions include: sparkling clean kitchen with all stuff arranged as per my liking. house sans 7 bags of junk & Richard Parker approving of the way my room looks now.

pps: had an online argument with Bisht last night on whether Batman was better or Superman. both ended up agreeing that Alicia Silverstone is hot and that Mandrake the magician rules!!


Beks said...

Superman gets my vote:)

Gordon van den Heever said...

Hey Nachi,

Weird date ha? But ah, there shouldn't be any "0" involved with that date at all actually.

Anyway, always thought that there might be something wrong with your evil head by the way.


PS: Batman rules.....We all know that superman did not make it very far.

Me said...

Wow. Come clean my house now. And come on, Mandrake. Nach - you've got to be kidding.
It's Superman. Refer Kill Bill II.

Nachi said...

what's with women and Superman??

ME...Phantom's purple spandex outfit is even worse than that of Superman's red and blue, Tarzan hardly wears anything at all and Spiderman is in our bad books after getting a piece of Kirsten Dunst on the big screen.

now Mandrake might not be 007, but he's pretty suave nevertheless.

Gordon...bru i definitely agree with the 'not make it very far' factor. that's why Batman is so awesome (add to that equation the Bat mobile, Bat cave, Wayne mansion, flamboyant millionaire alter image, Robin & Batgirl and you got the famous e=mc2)

Gordon van den Heever said...


AFRICA RULES! Bru, I got to tell you we are one of a kind. Tarzan, NOT COOL.....The poor dick head has no brain and a shit load of muscles...or that is what he thinks. Happens to Jungle boys with small dicks, right?

And, I love that Batmobile and Batgal and Wayne's House and and and......

Hey bru, Kirsten Dunst does it totally for me....I wouldn't mind getting my webs around her.....and I will do a whole lot more then just to eat her.....

Have fun!